"Friday feeling..."

Hey guys, I just thought that it would be nice to write a new blog post because I didn't write anything for a while. The main reason is that I've been focusing on writing my book "Building A Dream" which is my guide to enter the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is within us. Whoever knows himself shall find it. That's why I've got "Friday Feeling" and I'm excited for the upcoming period of my life. I have matured and grown so much. All of a sudden I feel like the world is on my shoulders and I'm here to do only good and uplift it. I'm here to return the Earth to the basic of a creation. Mr Friday Night, Friday Night, Celebration of life. By the way, do you know that male bee when he orgasms his testicles explode, and he dies? Like, he's just got only one shot! That's why I decided to go for the X factor auditions. I have waited so long for an opportunity like this, and when it finally came, I was willing to do whatever it takes to get there and make it. I was awake for over 36 hours before I finally hit the bed. I was working countless hours and making most of my time. All in the hope that I'm going to achieve financial freedom and I will fulfil my purpose here on the planet Earth. As a higher consciousness from the 9th-dimensional world, Pleiades I fully understand my responsibility towards the human race. I've got days when I'm asking how many celebrities that I met and also all those celebrities who know each other very well are asking, what is that guy from that X factor audition doing right now? Who is he? Has he got an Instagram? Or Facebook? Hold on, look at his Instagram and what is he posting? Is he crazy? Has he gone mad? What is all of this? Why would you do this? The answer is because I am insane. Yeah, I am mad, and yeah, this is it, time is now. Like I am wondering if someone on this planet does know or understands how does all of this feel? If you could ever in your imagination think about different alien species, souls from different solar system - like if you have the Universal consciousness and you know what the unified field is. You understand the three of life as well as the Ying and Yang. You know exactly what life is about balance. All the bad stuff left, all the good one is here now. That fundamental question, the question you keep asking yourself every single time that you're looking at the Sun and thinking for yourself that I won't be here without the sun. The sun is alone too and still shines. We live on the planet what is circling the ball of fire where the moon affects the sea levels, and we don't believe in magic? You know, that kind of a thing...

I know that after all the most important question is if I stated on my account that I am the leader of a new world. Author and recording artist, if I have my brand and I'm known all over the planet as that guy from the X factor, who made Mr Simon Cowell dance who's audition is the most watched audition in the show's 16 years history. Over 100 000 000 people have viewed the audition online, also millions of people from another 18 nations. Considering that I used as a TV advert for the best show on the world for over a two months, just the cost for ITV's First Look to put it in between England and Iceland match was whooping £1 000 000. I think that after all the hours I've been putting in in my life, for all the sleepless days and physical as well as mental frustration, fighting through my life all the way to the spotlight, well, it all happened for a reason, and that reason was to only remind of what actually happened with my life before. I mean, in a previous life. You know, that kind of a thing when you have flashbacks and flashes about what happened in past life. Like, imagine having a VR on your head and seeing what you see with your naked eyes and all of a sudden a motion picture what's kinda blurry appears in front of your eyes, and you can see the whole situation precisely the way it happens or happened. The truth what matter is that the time and space are one thing. The quantum entanglement is a fundamental discovery of quantum physics, and that is just and the only beginning of an emerging new world. The river cuts through the rock not because of its power but because of its persistence. I always had faith in my abilities and followed my inner bliss. I beat every single obstacle along my way. Some people hit the wall. Some people go through. What problem do I or my brand solve on this world? My brand solves every single issue on this planet. Issues from different points of view. I have to do what is best for me: everything to protect the inner vision, inner voice, my soul. Merging my personality and soul was the most beautiful thing that happened in my life as I woke up to a higher truth. Everything you can imagine, we already know how to do it. Welcome to the 1% baby. Now knowing this, what are you going to do about this world?

Quite often I go in nature and travel the world so that I can be with myself. Think about the world. Think about the connection to everything. How beautiful the world out there is. How tiny we are in the global scheme of things. Where is this all leading me to? How can I accomplish what I came here to accomplish? What is the best thing for me right now? Who is there for me right now? Who talks to me? Who is still okay? Like, hello...

I'm thankful for my life. For all the struggles, for all the battles and pretty much everything exactly as it was. You know it taught me a lot, and I'm grateful to God for who I am now. I am also thankful to every single one of you, beautiful people who have ever crossed my way. All is love. I'm delighted to be here. This place is gorgeous. I desire to explore unexplored locations. I want to experience every single adventure on the world, understand forbidden knowledge, achieve immortality, move the human race to the speed of the light, kickstart the evolution of human consciousness and the way we perceive our world. I'm here to entertain and motivate, uplift the world and create the best dance music on the planet. I'm here to write breath-taking stories and spread the knowledge around the earth. Also for a motion picture fans, I'm here to produce the best motivational and uplifting films. Building A Dream is happening. As much as I understand that some of the people could think, why the hell would I write a book about me if I'm no one? Why would I even want to make a movie? Where is the Friday Night music video? Why he's always talking about the X factor? What is this all about? What is he thinking?

I'd say that awakening is that I have mastered my life and who I am. I am excited for an upcoming period because it's going to be a hell of a ride. This is it. The time is now. What are my objectives? My main objectives and goals are straight forward. Claim the victory. Claim the prize. Dominate the world. I've been patiently waiting for this moment. I am taking over. Why?

One thing that I've noticed is the fact that humanity, in general, is happy for someone's misery. The great example is this picture where people are jumping on the crashed aeroplane in Iceland. Like, imagine there would be dead people in the aircraft who died in the crash, and you are not honouring their memory. The thought is electromagnetic frequency. We are the electric creatures. We are always here. And you are jumping on the aeroplane like an absolute idiot because you have managed to get on the top of the crashed plane. Well done you. Then you are walking around and looking at all the rubbish people throw everywhere. Like, why? Are you appreciating the Earth planet? Why? Because it always provides for you! So that's why you're going to trash it everywhere? Why are you polluting the water? Like water is the only substance what's present in three different groups. Water is giving life to everything on this planet from plants to animals, human beings? Are we 80% water kind of a thing? Water is electricity carrier. Do... like, do you get it?

Here is what am I going to do. I am releasing Building A Dream book on Amazon.com and all digital platforms. I'm getting deal with a bookstore also. I'm doing photoshoots for Friday Night Music Video storyboard. I am releasing the most entertaining and watch a music video on the planet today, a celebration of life. I can do this. I am getting a green card to the USA and permanent residence in the UK. I'm blessed to be the citizen of the Universe, have a free will and be free. I am abundant, blessed and prosperous. I am releasing Friday Night radio edit to the charts. I am number one in the charts worldwide.I have got 10 000 000 000 all over the digital streaming platform. Everything thanks to the best global marketing and google adverts. Thank you world! I am affirming to myself that I'm making Earth a better place, I'm investing in new technologies, I'm making huge profits and receiving tons of energy. All I do, I do for the good of all. The only way how can I make this world a better place is becoming rich first. I have to do, what's best for me. Thanks for understanding everyone! I love you! Thanks for being here for me! And now... who was working all week, nothing exciting? Who was waiting all week, so boring... and who's going to celebrate life, because it's celebration night, Friday Night? Who's got that Friday Feeling?

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