"My TIME is NOW!"

Good evening everyone who has managed to find my blog posts! As you probably noticed right now, the way to get to my thoughts is quite tricky. I have ridden everything under the giant pyramid right at the end of the slideshow on the home button tab. Yeah, the button "Blog" has disappeared completely. The number one reason why is precise because as it has said for thousands of years, only those who seek the knowledge will find it. If you're going on my website to check new pictures, new posts on my Instagram or what is happening with me, you will be surprised that recently there isn't as much as you'd probably expect to be. However, if you're one of those who love to dig deep, you'd realise that there are few hidden buttons on my webpage and if you're smart enough, you can find things that others probably won't be able to. Don't get confused, it's just the way things are, and I think that it is the best thing that is possibly out there on my website.

I decided to guard my thoughts only to those who are understanding and accepting, people with an open mind. As you can see, the things that I write about our reality. So what is happening with me? What is going on with the one and only Mr Friday Night Beck Martin? It is quite simple. As a leader of a new world, an initiate of the Illuminati and the one who's been chosen to enlighten the world - there is going to be full disclosure as well as an introduction to the new world. Plenty of people are still sleeping. I think that there is and only 1% of the people who keep themselves well educated and know what is about to come soon. For those who have a unique gift to see through the time, we all know what's happening with the planet Earth. I assume that people still prefer to live in the Matrix rather than go outside and discover the whole new world for themselves. That is a shame. And finally, why am I taking over? What does this mean? What am I talking about? And hold on, what all of this actually means? What's happening? Are you mad, Beck? Well, it means pretty much that. The picture speaks for itself - one taken at the beginning of 2016, the other one in the middle of 2016. Yeah, It truly is my time my lovely people. I am watching the actual events in the world as well as understanding my purpose, oh yeah. Now tell me, was it all worth it? Absolutely! I have realised that no one cares about my story until I win, so I WIN! And I WIN BIG! Thank you, God! I love you!

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