Victory to the forces of light!

Hey guys, I can't help it but write another article. I don't know how many of you out there are taking your time to live by the faith, however when I watch the world crisis right now, and everything that is going on down here, like. Your nuclear weapons and capability that you can destroy each other - how you can blow each other into oblivion. It reminds me some guys from the gym who's got testosterone pouring out of their ears, is violent, angry, constantly got to prove to the world that they are the best, but in this case, it's the case of the global superpower. Another fact what is making me ask myself, what can human race do in order to understand it's superiority, like, when are you, people open up to the fact that you don't really need to harvest all the Earth's resources or worst, have a global war over it. As you know, there is plenty crisis going on the planet Earth right now, and we and we do is pointing at each other. In our inability to look inwards - because as you all know, as in, so below, and the list could go on for a long time, we all have got the knowledge, that is what makes us who we are. It doesn't matter wherever you're Dwayne Johnson, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Arnold Schwarzenegger - or Mr Friday Night - the thief in the night - I mean that we all guys are the same equal beings. We all possess the power. You've been blessed to serve the human race. The question that I've got is, are we as a race able to look beyond what we see? Like we create all the most significant technologies in the world such as 5G network, we are developing robots, A.I. and we are teaching it the way we behave as well as the way we think. Now technology, especially quantum physics, metaphysics - double-slit experiment - ehm, do you know what I am talking about? I don't have to go that much in the depth because the pursuing of the knowledge is down to each individual. For this reason, only, I'd like to stop expressing the way I see what's going on in here rather than helping to find the best possible outcome for each and every one of us. We are all the citizens of sacred Terra. Our Mother.

As a unified field of consciousness, living an abundant life is our birthright. Mother Earth provides enough wealth for everyone. There are free energy and free global wi-fi. We understand that we work on the same principle as a wi-fi. We have to pursue a larger use of brain capacity. We can only go forward. Armies of the world shall be displaced and transformed into global police. Money - wealth - energy that governs the Universe shall be invested into a Solar Warden, U.S.S Spaceships in order to protect the Earth from an alien invasion. We are not alone. The truth is out, read about it, find out for yourself, now is the time. The Universe is abundant; there's plenty of resources floating freely up in the space. Just one spin of the whole solar system all around the Milky Way galaxy is taking around 260 000 000 years. Well, our lives are only a tiny little fraction from it. In this order I'm asking a question, why would you rather invest in developing deadly A.I. and put weapons on it, if you could use A.I. for the good of all? With current speed and stem cell research, we will soon know how to extend our life or be immortal. No one would like to be immortal, that isn't how life works; however, the Human race was made to be superior. Earth is where all types of universal species are welcome because we live in a planetary union. As there are forces of light, who honour the life, there are also beings who don't understand their connection to it, therefore don't honour life. We know about the threat we have been all in and now is our time to raise up. As you know, you're not alone. There's the whole army of us. We all work together in order to improve the Earth planet and uplift its state of consciousness.

The fact that matter is that Earth's magnetic field is losing int's magnetic strength rapidly. At this speed, soon the civilisation will vanish under the great solar flash. We all know that the whole cycle is 25 000 years. If you don't, then you have to do some research. In order to save the human race from extinction is to unite as a human race - because, despite our diversity, we should be united as humanity. We are facing far bigger logical tasks than erasing one another from the surface of Earth. Our hate towards one another is another reason why the human race isn't welcome in the Universe. Weapons. As long as the weapons will be present on the Earth, mankind isn't welcome in the Universe. This is the difficult task that every single human being has to accept in order to shift the whole planet into the 5D. All is love; all is one. You matter! That is all you have to know, so you know that you are loved and appreciated. If you ever felt alone, think about the one that you're alone here with. The sun is alone and still shines! The basic of creation is when two separate energy fields become one - masculine and feminine. We now have the technology so we can focus on our advancements and let the robots to do all the hard work for us. We are all standing behind the new technologies such as 3D printing, quantum computers and the whole digital world idea. You have to ask yourself a very important question. What is the number one reason why people perish? The lack of knowledge. In the universal language, this means - you have to seek the knowledge! The way to become someone, to become powerful - you have to learn! You have to use more of your brain capacity! Make most of everything! You have to expand as well as the Universe. Imagine the future where you are trapped in the digital world because the world outside is so ugly. Imagine that ugly, cloudy, post-apocalyptic city where the technology is very advanced. However, the human race almost blasts themselves from the Earth. Is that the faith the human race wants? And second, is that the faith the human race deserves? So why compete with one another in the first place, if we could be actually useful and contribute to the development of the planet Earth as well as the human race.

How many times have you thought about all the abundance that is waiting on us between the stars? I dreamed about it my whole life. Do you know that feeling? And all I can think of is how am I going to improve this planet. I'm giving my personal appreciation to Mr Elon Musk, who's been working really hard in order to improve the Earth planet as well as the human race. This is the future we would love to see for the Earth. Release the free energy. Open about the truth. Accept the truth. Be free! It is your birthright! It doesn't mean, of course, you are free to steal, kill, rape, or abuse women! This is a fair world, and we all play by the same rules. Women are spiritual beings as well as us. Women bring life to the Earth planet. Women all over the world shall have the rights to drive the car, wear what they want to wear and treated nicely. Women have the gift to create a home from the four walls. Women get the best out of us also. They are our motivation and the reason why we are looking forward to another day. That doesn't mean stone her to the death when she gets raped. That doesn't mean to arrest her if she drives the car or forcing her to wear any clothes that would make her less seductive. The fact that we can't keep him in our pants is purely our problem, and we are the ones who are here to resist the temptation. What satisfaction can one possibly have from raping a woman? If she wants you and loves you, she'd do anything for you, no need to force it! The list could go on and on, all I call for is the full disclosure in order to unite finally. This isn't fun anymore. This is getting quite serious. This is the victory of the forces of light! All evil shall be destroyed. The king of the kings is back!

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