My soul is on fire! I'm all fired up. It's always good to take time and reflect. What can I say? The world is waking up! What a blessed time, I can tell! Leaders have to make decisions that are not always nice, not everyone will agree with them, but it's for a higher good of all. Now to report you what have I done to activate the lion's gate on 8th of August, I released Friday Night Official Music video. I encrypted everything vital into it - the law of a triangle, balance, spiritual awakening, extraterrestrial knowledge, divine energies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality. It is an excellent eye-opener if you pay attention to it. If you do, I welcome you in 5D. You are on the way to the New Earth. For far too long, Satan and his servants were running freely, hiding in the shadows. Those shadows are also helpers of the dark cult. They as real as I am. I don't want them here.

For this reason, Earth is protecting itself, increases its frequency and resonance. The world will experience a massive increase in temperatures; countries will flood under the tsunamis, volcanos will erupt, the magnetic field is going to change its position. It is inescapable for those who don't want to turn into the light. Those who do are blessed beyond their measure because the Kingdom of Heaven is established. New World Order is taking place now; all is love. You matter you are important.

Now, we can't panic over little details. We have to accept one another. We live in a world where explained lives side by side with unexplained. Some are born gifted from the Heaven; some can't even stand up from the bed. That is the reality of the current world. In a New World, everyone is healthy; everyone is okay because of advanced healing methods and our understanding of DNA. The human race was made to be superior. It is our birthright. God wants us to be prosperous and happy. Our DNA was changed thousands of years ago by extraterrestrials who came from Heaven. For thousands of years, we worshipped those beings as Gods, who left us more profound knowledge of our Universe 3000B.C. in Emerald tablets. There is also a passage predicting a light born man who will turn everything into the light. He said the light shall be all and darkness will fall. That is 3000 years ago before Jesus Christ. The returning soul has been working on this for quite a time. Now since the great civilisation of Egypt, Earth has advanced, plenty human beings have evolved, and with little interference of extraterrestrial intelligence, humanity is waking up to the fifth dimension. Those who are turning into the light are welcome into the Kingdom of Heaven, where love abides in all. In a New World, we understand the time and space is one thing. We know the connection to everything around us, to the threes, Sun, Sirius, water, plants, planetary grid and it's an electromagnetic field. We understand that we work on the same principle as the machines we create. Understanding of how thought process works allow us to re-think what we think we know about ourselves and accept the fact that if we can create machines and give the consciousness, we also have been created and genetically modified. Back in ancient Sumeria lived for 10 000 years each, until extraterrestrials have changed the DNA, so we start dying very early. The discovery of the myostatin gene has been only the beginning in a huge genetical advancement of the human species. By combining DNA modifications with smart drugs, we'll be able to reach beyond the stars. If the average household consumes 1250W of electric energy, every single house is equipped with statutory indoor bike connected to the battery in the walls. If humans would focus on staying healthy and in good physical shape, because your body is your temple, then you have got away how to produce free energy for your household and save money for household bills. One hour of exercise a day will kick start your day like nothing, plus you power up your house. You better want to stay fit! Those batteries and apartments would also be equipped with solar panels and rose quartz crystals, which produce 30% more energy than comes to them. Together with this advanced technology, we could power up the house wirelessly. Simply the gold on the top of the rose quartz will spread the energy in the air. Those are also the power plants that I'd like to build all over the Earth. Pyramids were power plants. They are built on an energetic grid of Earth. There are Ley lines. According to the prophecy, the light born is the only one who can get to know the ancient Egyptians secrets. That excites me. It's like a time-travelling for me.In the end, I don't understand how could this all take 5000 years for humanity to realise. It's always been there — all you ever need to know. Also, a huge success, my book Building A Dream is out on Amazon. This project is up-and-coming because I'd love to welcome everyone in 5D Earth and I am coming with the guide on how to get there. Literally. There are precisely 33 designed chapters to empower you. That is what I offer to you. I offer empowerment to you beyond your wildest imaginations. To my wildest imagination, I also found out that Jesus was 33 years old when he died. It is interesting to know that my book has also got 33 chapters. Life will never stop surprising me, and I love it. I love it because it is exciting. Excitement is something that people need to wake up with. You know, that feeling when you are just excited from all the good that is coming your way. For all the justice that is coming your way. That feeling when you think what will be your next project, what will you do next after this recovery period is over. To me, I see pure excitement, love, joy and Happiness. I'm bringing out Red Evil story also. Now I know why I always had it in my head, and I'm thankful that I had decided to finish the project when it was deleted, also decided to re-write the story to the English and release it as a paperback. After all those years, I celebrate the victory. I am back, and it feels so good. I feel the energy all around me. I'm going to cut this article short because I have got to work hard now and let the time pass. I'm quantum leaping every single day for all of you. I will keep going until the day you all have been waiting for. I've got this. God bless you all. I love you. Thank You, God, for always providing for me and loving me. I'm blessed beyond the measure.

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