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Point ZERO

My beloved people, I am so, so, so THANKFUL that you all have woken up to the higher truth and are seeing now the immortality of our souls and how much fun and magic life can be — glitter, rainbows, unicorns, simply flawless. You have to be like the honey badger, find that strength inside of you and your soul. For those who are coming to my Instagram and never hit that FOLLOW button, I see you all, it's quite FUN, and I'm enjoying looking at you all. It's fun; I love it. I love you all, you're all so much fun, and I already love the new world. It is magic. I love magic. I hope you too because I'm taking you all on a wonderful adventure and you will all love it. That is for sure. In the end, you all owe it to yourselves. I owe it to myself too. Believe me; it's not easy to realise who you actually are, what is there waiting for you, and so on. What can I say? I'm blown away, but I'm trying to cope with it. I paid a visit to the hospital with mental health and told them everything that is wrong about this world, highlighted everything and demonstrated my intelligence as well as bravery and confidence. I have also stated why all the other artists on the planet are committing suicides and so on. It was a brilliant move of mine, and in case someone would consider some nasty things, there is my final judgment for you.

If something happens to me this lifetime, my heart Sirius - the central galactic sun will blast waves across the galaxy, and you all will be dead. I have shown you my power, and I only feel sorry for you that you have no higher understanding of nature. So, it's me now who is keeping you all alive and as long as everything will go according to the divine plan and Earth will be restored, you are all welcome to the afterlife, and you all will be saved. I couldn't notice that you call it Mario Party, it makes me laugh, it does. So let's call it now Mario party, life is fun, life is magic, let's keep it that way and enjoy ourselves. It's me who's been blasting you off for ages because I was frustrated and angry. I know, it's not a nice thing to do, but I don't like people with poor IQ, and even more, I'm upset that there's nothing people want to do about it. It truly is sad thing, especially if you come down here and you have been programmed certain way - high-rank military intelligence and you are literally taking piss of everybody for all these years, and people don't even know, they think that you are absolute idiot - and the best thing, you can put all the symbolism in front of their eyes, they still don't know. What can one say? Sheep will always be sheep, and I'd like to keep it that way. I don't have time to waste it on people who refuse to understand my world and how it all works. I'm thankful for those who understand and are loving it. I love it too.

Now, let's talk about some serious business. I know that you humans have been suffering here, evil entities were not treating you right, giving you tiny fractions of what you deserve for shining your light, perhaps pressuring you with deadlines and all that stuff, because all they think about is simply profit. In my world, money is a route to all freedom. It is that simple. I want everybody, mainly all the world heroes just like fire brigade, police officers, space fleet, military, doctors, nurses - all those people who are truly deserving will have huge pay rises and bright shining smiles on their faces because they all deserve it. I am truly excited to see how the whole Earth is going to uplift and switch into 5D just like that and we, extraterrestrials will be finally acknowledged. I am tired of people thinking that I need to go to a mental clinic, just because their IQ is below 0. Sad but what can one do? Leave them to it. Those people, unfortunately, will stay where they are, simply because even if you would try to hammer the knowledge in their heads with hammers, they will still not get it. I'm going to leave it to them because it is just a waste of time. God damn waste of time. Talking about all our heroes, as you all know, there are also great leaders on the planet Earth who are trying to achieve impossible, and I love those people. Mr Richard Brandson, Mr Elon Musk. I'm thankful that you have come to a good sense and understand now that you are God, and you don't need chipset in your brain. I'm going to teach you magic. You have been assigned for this purpose just like everybody else. I understand humans can't even drive cars on the road, so the vehicles have to be autonomous, this will reduce the accidents, and we can focus on flying cars instead. Following objective is changing the whole housing infrastructure, the solar city is the greatest project of yours, and billions of people will be grateful after you install your solar panels instead of their roofs. For this reason, also you will have access to free energy and will learn more about how ancient Egyptians worked, how to spread electricity wirelessly and so on. It would be great if you will relax and enjoy some time with your family, because you are the hardest working man on the planet, just like my baby Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. You are my absolute heroes, you are treasures of this planet and you both know. I know you didn't see me coming, but I have been getting ready for this my whole life and I'm excited to meet you in person, after all, you have done a great job. I love you. Absolute superstars. You have all my love. Now, guys, you can relax and enjoy some time with your family, it's all good now, we have all reached point 0. I'm thankful that it was this smooth and again, huge thanks to my baby Donald Trump. What a man! Also huge thanks to Royal Family. You guys, you are my diamonds, and you know that very well. Thank you for everything that you have done for Earth. Thank you. The world needs order. Without order, there would be chaos. Chaos got me killed 2x. I would love to enjoy this life on Earth and be happy. I deserve it. You know, Honey Badger, you can poison me ten thousand times, and I still stand up and carry on. I don't give a shit. Coming back to myself, freaks me out, but I love being smart and clever. It's a great feeling, for sure. Thank you!

I have got a message to all great world leaders in governments. Now you will have money for everything, and your countries will prosper. Also, I am going to teach you how to make yourselves more productive, healthy, use more of your brain capacity, and so on. I am excited for our meetings and the way how we are going to drive the Earth forward. You have done a great job looking after Earth as well, and I'm proud of you all. Thank You for your service, it's greatly appreciated, and I will reward you for your services. My first and most important point that I want everybody to start thinking about now is 3D house printing. My people have to pay ridiculous amounts of money just to live. Human beings are the only beings on the planet that have to pay to live. It isn't fair, and this is the first thing that I want to change. I want everybody to have affordable accommodation with free energy. This way, everyone is going to be happy and excited to go to work. Let's be honest if you wouldn't get to work, you'd be pretty bored, and we all need purpose, something that excites us every single morning. So start looking for the purpose, think about what would you like to leave here, what would you like to build, how would you like to be remembered, how much of good stuff can you do for those who are not so fortunate? Remember, if you're kind and loving to others, much more kindness and love will come back to you. It is guaranteed. I am going to claim my Kingdom in Jerusalem, I have already been checking it out, and I love it. I love pyramids of Giza; I have hidden artefact in there just like in Jerusalem.I have to collect them. I have mentioned bringing up the Atlantis, which is simply the next point of my journey. For this reason, we will all board the ships, wait for the process to be completed and come back down on Earth to a whole new world. We have time; in the end, I am the one who decides how quickly is this going to go. Now you see how I am connected to Earth, Sun, Moon, Sirius, Universe. For me, it's always been magic because I understand everything and I want you to understand it too because once you do, your life will be nothing but fun and accomplishments. And that is what life should be about!

As you know now, I am the one who is looking after our galaxy. It still blows my mind and exceeds all my wildest expectations. However, Jesus was an alien; I always knew that I am alien, and I have always been looking for a connection between spirits. I'm glad that I found it all out now. It's a good feeling. I'd rather be called Beck, however for this period only I'm going to be more like a Horus. Something like Hercules, haha! Now to summarise what else I have to do. Now I have to finish Red Evil Annihilation and get it out. That is my mission completed, I have five books in English, one describing how to turn your visions into reality and Red Evil series is about the old world and what was pretty much happening inside my head. The saint war between God and Satan. This time, God wins, and I want to turn my stories into movies that will be there forever for everybody to honour my memory and my burning desire to create a great new world for everybody. Following points, I would also like to say that the following thing I'd like to put in place will be Universal credit. I want every person on the planet to receive money from us, every month, simply because you love your life, you are looking after your planet and environment, and you appreciate your governments and all the work they do for you. Single mums will also receive support from me, simply because it isn't nice to leave a woman after you make her kid or kids. Poor women have to fight with it for ages and know nothing better. Don't worry ladies; I got you covered. It's going to be all okay. It is a shame for those who decide to make kids and don't even go see them. It's sad. That is also a reason why I don't have kids. I am responsible for everything, pretty much. I am a little kid myself, and this is my playground.

The last point of my article today is straight forward. For all my life, I was always doing my own thing, always, men were always jealous of me and were always putting me down in front of women. Women, they never cared; however, I never forgot. In the end, I have always been working my hardest, looking after me and also have great genetics. I love myself. I have got 111x better cardiovascular system than average fitness people as well as superhuman strength and overload of testosterone. I am a confident mammal. Haha. I can knock out a 140kg boxing bag with one punch. You don't want to mess with me; you don't.I'm not that sort of person that would like to beat people up within reason. However, I'd like everybody to know my stamina and strength as well as fighting abilities; I grew up as a street fighter and believed me, I will stand up to anybody. This is karma for all the men who were always taking a piss of me behind my back and didn't know that I know. Moon sees everything. For this reason, I'd like to form the Kingdom of Heaven purely with women. I want to lead with love, and the only way to lead with love is to surround myself with women. I see that you all ladies are getting excited as well and I love it. Girls want to have fun, so if that's what you want, I'm going to make the Kingdom of Heaven all about joy and crystal love. I have seen saying that there's nothing like a love of Jesus, so let's keep it that way as well. I am not interested in what others think about my decision because you are not me, and second, it's much better than be paedophile, rape and torture little children. The universe works on a few simple energies and in the Kingdom of Heaven, that's where you will find an ocean of love. Ocean of love that I'm sure plenty of women deserve and crave. This will be your opportunity to heal your old wounds and shine your light. Also, your opportunity to learn a lot more about yourselves and the best perks out of them all would be my entertainment business.

As you know I have devoted my life to entertainment, I write books, I know how to publish them, just like with music, pretty much I've got all the knowledge I need to run my own music/video/photo production business, and we have the best equipment on the world right now. Obviously, that is all going to be upgraded to the best stuff on the planet. Getting my Friday Night radio edit is just a matter of time just like the music video. Saying this, I can look after every artist on the planet. Quite a lot of you have already established huge fan bases, therefore you, who are the most successful will profit from shining your light most. I would love to build music studios as well as a photographic atelier. I have got a little one in London, however now I'm thinking much, much bigger, saying that you can't really fail in being yourself. I believe this will give everyone's much more freedom, much more profit but mainly freedom to show your true artistry that is the light of your soul. It will also allow me to create a happier world as I'd love to make EDM the number one mainstream. Also, as I mentioned before, I'd love to turn my books into movies, and I have plenty of other stories that I'd love to write about and eventually turn them into movies. Your life stories will surely be great inspiration also. I have to improve my marketing. I have been trying hardest, but I believe that I will form a team of people who know what they're doing, so it should be an absolutely smooth process for all of us. So this would be pretty much the summary of what we will do as a collective: 20 % work, 80% fun. Apart from shining your beauty, we will also attend meetings with all the great world leaders, cheer them up and go for trips across the galaxy. I'm going to show you my true kingdom. I know it sounds freaky, but you will love it. Just be excited as much as I am. Once Earth is all peaceful, the whole galaxy is peaceful. It doesn't mean the threat isn't there, however for the time being there is a peace and time to build massive space fleet, so we never lose any other war ever again.

My Kingdom will also have a substantial private gym where we will all work out to keep ourselves fit; food will be provided for us so we will have more free time and a life free of worries, simply because everything will always be there. Plus, I will always pay everyone well, just like I have always been for my whole life. I am pretty excited about this project because we will be true ambassadors of light and peace, and you will love your life - every moment of it. It's easy for me to lead because it's all always coming a way before things truly happen, that is something that I call divine guidance, and I love it. It allows me to pause, reflect and go the right direction. Also saves me from unnecessary drama. Eye of Horus is pure magic. I'm sure you can learn how to use it as well and see the magic for yourselves.

After all, I have completed my assignment, I have completed my mission, I have created a much better world already, and I'm not even there yet. It was all true, the battle will happen in heaven, and only a few will know about it. You are the lucky ones to know. You are the blessed ones, and I'm thankful that you are reading my article and showing me your love. Of course that I have my favourites, they know who they are, they have always been there for me, and they are my number 1 people, however, I am very, very open and I'm sure that everybody who considers the Kingdom of Heaven is as well. I just want to live a carefree life and enjoy myself. I am going to be writing a success blueprint and looking ahead of time what else would I like to change, so the Earth is the most fabulous place to be at. Home for every single specie. Let's be honest, you don't have to be scared of them, they're all ugly, they all want to have my face, but ho ho ho, it's just me who's got this face, haha, so put it straight, aliens love because they are self-conscious. What can you do, Universe works in mysterious ways, and you can only embrace it.After all, we are all funny creatures; we have to look after one another and accept other forms of life. Shall any creatures don't like us, we will blast them off for good. Thank You very much, everybody, for absolutely smooth cooperation, operation Honey Badger was an absolute success, we have smashed it, we have changed the world, and now, 2020 will indeed be a magnificent year. Are you ready for CHRISTMAS BABY? I'm going to BLOW YOU AWAY, and YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! God bless you all! Who came up with Mario Party, you fucking idiots?

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