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18-20.12.2019 - Tonight the Sun aligns with Galactic centre - Sirius. As the Sun dances with the galactic centre and galactic waves stream down to Earth - this is the perfect time to step into your power. Know that you are stronger than any fears you have. And remember just how worthy you are! It's not everything; tonight is also a supermoon and only two weeks left until 2020. Tonight's supermoon brings a burst of energy, manifestation power, heightened instincts, increase emotions, increased personal power, increased excitement and potentially anxiety. Tonight's supermoon will have a stronger effect on us - therefore, we should use these powers to manifest positive change and think about the goals and dreams that we have! I'm thankful that you looked into my article and love my idea. I love it as well; I think it's flawless. The way we communicate with one another is excellent also because we all just having fun while nobody understands what we all do. It just means that we all are on different frequency than the rest of the world. How sad? It is sad; it breaks my heart because even my own family is giving me comments that I don't like at all, so I refuse to talk to anybody apart from my business partner. Since it's Sirius - Sun getaway - I'd like to use this opportunity to open up a little bit more and boost you, I have to let it all out so that you understand how do I feel deep inside. Imagine that you release a lot of material, such as Red Evil, Building A dream, pretty much you also create a guide for those who would like to live their dreams to follow, you are doing all you can, you are climbing the ladder higher and higher, yet someone like your own family is having silly comments about the things that they have no clue about. They never opened my book, they never read any of my articles, looked at my social media or try to understand what am I doing, they don't have no knowledge about anything, 99% of people don't even know what's going on for all this time so they would happily accept what is there for them, die of cancer because of 5G towers, drink water full of fluoride and so on, so on. They all come home from the work they don't enjoy just so they can sit in front of TV and watch their favourite episode, have a drink, cigarette, whatever they do and swear about everything and everybody. How many times do you hear people swearing at the governments, politicians, people around like they know it all? Do you see what I mean? This sort of people have problem for every single solution that you have got for them, so I am asking myself, how would you change their paradigm, how would you wake them up to 5D world that is opening in front of us? I understand that for people who are used to 3D and the world they see daily, they will always think inside that little tiny box.

I do appreciate that some of you are calling my account your morning coffee, it warms my heart. It isn't easy for me to bring you to the new emerging world purely for the fact that as you know now, not everybody has got the mental capabilities to understand what is going on and on the other hand I don't blame these people. That is just the way they have been brought up, and not everybody is going to open up to it, not everybody will accept it, so let's just put it straight, I'm thankful for your love, I appreciate it so much, and your interest warms my being as well as love. I am thankful for the people who still know that there is something like BIBLE or EMERALD TABLETS because that is where all the answers are. Shame on those who can't even read those few short paragraphs - shame on them. It is so sad but what can one do? I don't want to cry over people and things that will change over the time as soon as the new world opens up in front of them so I'd like to give you all a few little tips what to do if you suffer from anxiety and have mental problems.

I understand that not everybody had a great childhood, or life right now isn't as great as you would like it to be, there are still probably few bad memories on your mind, just as were on mine. I had to fight my own demons every single day, and it made it really strong. I think that nobody had their heart broken more than me - simply because I'm trying to be a unicorn and they see a clown. They are trying to tell him how to live his life while his soul is living according to the Universal laws that they can't see. So you have to lift your chin high and know that all those haters will destroy themselves in the process as they do. It's fun to watch it all come together. I actually don't love proving people wrong. I love proving myself right. That is my passion. I am knowing that I am right and they are not. That gives me strength to fight and carry on. What gives me most strength is the vision that I am going to manifest the Earth that I want to live in. That is what motivates me every single day to get out and be the best version of myself no matter what am I going through and it all pays off. I got really pissed off that nobody cares about what's going on with Earth apart from us. I got really upset that nobody is there to stand up to it, everybody is scared about their own life, money and so on. You know what? I am putting my life on the line, again and I'm telling you all now, I'd rather die hero than live like a coward. I'd rather open my mouth and say the things the way they are than pretend that everything is okay, just like everybody else. That is something what pisses me off to the bone. Everyone is so smart, everyone has got thousands of problems with everything but who is there to stand up to it? Who is there to create a better world? Who is there to motivate, uplift, make you laugh? I love what I do because I am creative, I'm having fun, I'm laughing myself when I think of what I actually do and do you know what? I think that this was the peak of my entertaining abilities and I just love it if I can make people laugh, entertain them and so on. For me, it isn't about showing off muscles, belongings and so on, it never was simply because there's much more to life than the materialistic world.

So for all of you who come here and are paying attention, I'd like to highlight a few points that you could implement into your daily routines so that you feel much better and supercharged. The best way to connect with your higher self and supercharge yourself is cardio, ideally high-intensity cardio. 30 mins a day is more than enough to kick start your day and feel good about yourselves. Early morning cardio will also boost endorphin levels in your brain, which will make you happier and more energetic to tackle the tasks in front of you. I do suggest to cut off all that is wearing you down such as cigarettes, excessive consumption of alcohol as well as limit junk food. When life handles you lemons, you have to turn them into a lemon cake. I'm not saying stay away from all the bad stuff that is there, but if you see all the chemicals in your body that causes your mood swings and so on, you will understand why it is essential to create a chemical balance. Anxiety is a chemical imbalance. We have a few key chemicals here, such as dopamine, serotonin, noradrenaline that play an important role in your overall happiness and well being. Now, you can take supplements to boost them, or you can find time just for yourself and learn a little bit more about number 9, which is frequency. We have 9 sacred frequencies, each one of them is used for something different, however those are the advanced healing methods that humanity forgot about. As you know, brain is fat and fluid. Simply said, the best brain food is healthy fats such as nuts, avocados and knowing that your brain is fluid, now you know that frequencies, as well as sounds, affect your life more than you can imagine. If you are listening to depressive music, or you are spending too much time with people who don't understand you, you will find yourself very frustrated. Remember, sound is a wave. Your existence is a wave function. Simply said, if you listen to one of those frequencies, you will manifest the things that you want much, much quicker simply because the Universe is loving and wants to give you everything. If you prefer to listen to your neighbours and negative stuff, you won't be able to manifest anything for yourself, purely for the fact that your brain is fed with a lot of nonsense. The most important time is in the morning where you can squeeze in a few affirmations as you go and then before bed. That is when your brain is processing all this information during the day and then will decide about the life that you are going to have. It's like a game; you just have to know how to play it right.

Energy is simply thoughts, your thoughts have power, so you want to have those things that you wish to have in your life in front of you. You also want to affirm it with your mind, body and soul that it is already yours. Energy is very important, and that's why it's important to exercise. Lifting weights is great; it's great to be strong, muscular, however, if your cardiovascular system isn't working fine, then you should implement cardio in your daily routine. It's much better to be fit than huge. It allows you to breathe better but also function better. Number 6 as I mentioned before is all about vibration. Vibration put is your mental state. If you have a bad day, you are upset, swearing - you are putting out the wrong vibration. Therefore the whole process of you getting what you want is gone. Cigarettes, alcohol - all this kind of stuff is simply there to lower your vibration, and that is it. You are impaired and you are not going to see what I see. That is why your body has got cannabinoids already inside, and that is why if things don't go well and you are not happy, this is simply the best way how to boost your mood and allows you to start vibrating positively rather than negatively. Once you vibrate positively, it's much easier to manifest whatever you want. I had so many days when I was just fed up, having it all boiling inside of me, so I was taking it out in the gym, boxing bag and so on. If I combine microdose of cannabis with cardio, it is straightforward for me to focus - on the other hand if you are weak, it will just knock you out, and you are gone for the day. The choice is yours. If you sit down, that is it - but if you stand up and go do something, you will enjoy it much more, and it will be much easier to focus. Now I'd like to give you a few personal tips to try for yourself. There is a smart drug called MODAFINIL that I am experiencing with. If you ever find yourself having difficulties, anxiety and so on, simply search for it. It boosts you up for 12 hours, speeds up your brain, cognitive function, you can think clearly and everything will just flow. There are a few other smart drugs that I'd like to experiment with. However, this is a perfect example of how people misunderstand me. They think that I'm crazy while I'm on smart drugs and my brain simply works much much quicker. It also boosts the confidence. It truly is a miracle that I'd recommend to everyone who's got a work that demands a higher level of mental performance. All of this simply said, our brain as well as our body is water and chemicals. Correct chemicals, right food, exercise, uplifting sounds can make every single day pure magic even if it feels like the whole world is against you. And this is how am I fighting with it all every single day. Simply I don't allow anyone to put me off from my happy place and if I have to, I'm alone, minding my own business. Sometimes it is the best thing to do, especially if you feel like home alone. It's all good tho, I've got the love of family and you, beautiful ladies, that warms my heart and I'm thankful. Now you see why men have problems with me and women love me. I am way too smart and I play dumb all the time. I entertain, I make everyone laugh and who doesn't want to laugh? Everybody does. Don't take life and yourselves too seriously because If there is someone who's got a problem with my social media, well, I chose to stand out and be a hero. I chose to win and enjoy my carefree life. I deserve it. Thank You all! I'm so excited!

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