My beloved Terra family, all great world leaders, after you read the full story and my vision of New World Order 2020, Christ consciousness is returning to Earth. You can imagine that my head is taking quite a lot of data, I'm surprised that my server is still online and functioning, but that is just what you get when you have a quantum computer instead of brain. Intelligent people can manage chaos, and this is chaos. Be thankful for who you are; you can't imagine the magnificence of the battle that I am fighting. It truly is Saint War, just like those ancient books were always talking about - but then you realise, it is me who wrote them. How would you feel? It's mad. The great thing is that in the United Kingdom they call this a bipolar disorder. I am here to change the world. I don't know wherever I should laugh and get all the benefits that come with it or sue them for insulting my pride and me. I think that if that would be 2032 years ago, I'd laugh it off, get car, claim lots of money and chill, however, we have saved the world from the destruction, unified and I take it as an insult, and I will be suing everyone who is touching my pride and what have I achieved and done. That is a part of CAPRICORN, a new moon that is coming up. , G.O.A.T. - as they say, The King has to remind fools why he is the king. Otherwise, they have no respect, and all they care about is grass. That breaks my heart, especially when you know how magnificent and playful the Universe is. So the New World Order article was about S.U.N. and POWER. CAPRICORN is about HEALING, so I'm going to make this one about healing and mental health - because MENTAL HEALTH starts with M.E.! Let's remind ourselves that right now, we are in the AGE OF AQUARIUS. We are witnessing the BIRTH of a NEW WORLD. Wherever you expected this or not, I have been assigned for this and getting ready for it for 32 years now. Well, in cosmic time 5032 years, that is quite a lot of time, but it just shows you our souls they are immortal, we don't die, we only change the form. That's why life is fun, entertainment, we have to live, love, laugh! Mostly, speaking about healing, let's remind ourselves a few simple facts. After we know that we have lost a war, twice to evil alien species, Draco Reptilians and we blast them off Earth once and for all, we have to HEAL OURSELVES. Now, I said that this world is light and sound.Sun is YouTube; Moon is iTunes. It truly is this easy. Now, look at the whole SITUATION that we are all now from the UNIVERSAL point of view, or GALACTIC point of view. Why do you love my global hit Friday Night and Monday Morning makes you laugh? Just like my audition? It is because of the beat, I know. It is also because we are all working all week, nothing exciting, so we want to party, we want to dance. Do you see why you love it so much? It resonates with your soul. The reason why it resonates with your soul is straightforward to understand. The brain is 99% water and fat. Your body is composed of water. 80% of your body is water. You are composed of the same material as the Stars you are looking at during the night. So what does it make you then? Does it make you a star, or water, or both? You decide baby. Now, after you made your mind, you know why you love the beat so much. It uplifts you; it's the world that you want to live in. High energy, dance, upbeat, you are full of life because it's making you laugh, it's making you happy. The sound is a wave; therefore if you imagine waves coming out from your speakers, your body resonates with them. If you listen to upbeat, you are upbeat. If you listen to depressive music, you will be depressed. Music is the language that unites us all. Then you can listen to Monday Morning. The whole song is just entertainment; it is just a great example of how you decide who is your tribe. You hear single sausage; I hear the New World Order. Just listen to it. Pay attention and then, isn't it just CAPRICORN? ...The beat, the melody, words? Can you feel that light that is inside your own body that wants to light up, smile, laugh, dance - because in the end, after it's all done, your life is carefree. You love your life; you love your job; you are enjoying your people - or put it this way — you as a shepherd like your sheep. You give them greener grass, and they love you even more! It is that simple! Now talking about the SOUND, I have also mentioned a few other key elements that I would love you to research - research all the crystals that are out there because they are harnessing the energy of the Universe. You chose the crystals you want; you live the life you want! After that, research the power of orgonite as well as their healing abilities. I use them to protect me from all the radiation that is coming out from my laptop and phone, as well as to balance my soul and being. Don't forget that your body has got internal chakra system, which is spinning crystals of energy. If you want to feel the power of God and connect with the SIRIUS, you have to learn how to activate your pineal gland and channel the ENERGY right. After that, you will know that GOD is REAL and he loves you and wants just the BEST FOR YOU. GOD wants you to be HAPPY. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH! Lastly, that is how we covered the number 3, 6, and now we are about to cover number 9.There is no sound in the Universe. However, Universe resonates with frequency. It is like Universal language that your brain, as well as your body, loves because it is what makes you. Infinite being. Spirit. Soul. The only God you ever have to worship in your life is YOU and the LIGHT THAT IS YOU. SUN is where your soul RETURNS. UNIVERSE, as well as MOON, listens. After you lose all the fear, there is nothing, but I AM. Those are the two most powerful words. I AM. Silence all the dogs and remember "I AM..." ... What you decide to put instead of those three dots is purely your choice, you go wild, the sky isn't the limit, you are the limit. There is a long way to go, but if you start now, we will catch up down the road! If none of those still doesn't make sense to you, let's make it even easier. Imagine that SIRIUS is listening to everything you say, just like MOON. What you say comes back down. It might not be tomorrow or the day after, but eventually, it will all just jump on you, all your words, all your deeds, all your karma. If you read Emerald Tablets, you are WINNING! I love you, babes!Get ready for the NEW MOON in CAPRICORN and SOLAR ECLIPSE! I can't sleep as you can imagine, it's just beaming me left right centre, but it's okay, I can deal with it. I'm so thankful for my life, for being me, having clothes to wear, a roof over my head, food to eat, love of you all, I love my life, every single day. The only moment that always matters is NOW! THANK YOU ALL, ONE MORE TIME, Merry Christmas, may this ECLIPSE and NEW MOON BRINGS YOU CLARITY THAT YOU ALL DESERVE AS WELL AS PEACE OF MIND. THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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