Dear world leaders, and people that come here, today is 25.12.2019, Christmas Day, the day we all have been waiting for - the Christ consciousness has returned to Earth. As you can tell, the whole world has difficulties in understanding what is happening - so please allow me to give you all helping hand so this entire process is as smooth as possible for all of us before I will share my vision for 2020. Thank You so much. I am sure that you will all love it. Let's start with consciousness itself. The brain doesn't generate consciousness rather than receives it. The soul enters the body the eight days after the birth of the physical body. Soul - your spirit is an informational part, code, energy - number 3, pretty much. It is a blueprint of who you are inside; your soul defines you. For all those times, you worship the wrong God. The God isn't statue, cross or Heaven - your God is SUN. Sun is light. Sun gives you life - therefore the SUN is your GOD. If there is no SUN, meaning the SUN will stop the activity, there is no you. Simple as, isn't it? That is why if you feel like your life is falling apart, everything is going wrong; you have to understand that the SUN is alone and is still SHINING. Your God wants to see you happy, that is it. Universe wants to give you everything. So if you still feel like your whole world is falling apart right now, think how hard your cells have to work to keep you together after you realise that you should be happy that you are alive. Now you know that your soul comes from the SUN where is it also going to RETURN after you DIE. Understand, there is no LIFE or DEATH; YOU ONLY CHANGE THE FORM FROM ONE TO ANOTHER. Now, if the light is information, darkness is lack of information. To summarise what happened with Earth and make you all know me a little bit more, I am an incarnation of the God of the sky, HORUS, also known as JESUS, however in any other religions by other names too. We are the ancient builder race; we are those who created humans by DNA modification aeons ago. Since the great civilisation of Egypt, we tried to build the human race, share the light and knowledge, however, we got attacked by Draco Reptilians - dark aliens who use black magic, create trauma, stress, darkness, poverty, destruction and most of all, their agenda was to keep you, human species uninformed about what happened as you will be easier to control and manipulate. I got killed. The first checkpoint that you should read if you want to understand the emerging world a little bit more is Emerald Tablets. Those are ancient Egyptian texts that are over 5000 years old, and that is also where you have all the essential laws stated as well as the story about seven lords. As you know, death is only change of the physical form from one to another - therefore my consciousness has returned on my ship - Ashtar Galactic Command. I know that it is all mind-blowing and it is too much to take on the board. However, this is the truth, and you take as much time as you need to understand and accept. We love you, that is all you need to know.

After my death, the Earth has experienced plenty of wars, suffering, and you know the story. I have returned to Earth again. However, that didn't work out, and I got crucified when I was 33 years old. Mission failed. On the other hand, I left a memory here and those who always believed in a higher good, allies have built their nations built on the belief in a higher power - so-called GOD. Now you know that GOD is SUN, I am ALIEN from SEVEN SISTERS, ORION BELT, PLEIADES. My heart is Sirius A Star, Central Galactic Sun. I have 111x better cardiovascular system than average fit people.

I don't get tired; I have got an endless amount of energy at my disposal. As stated before you have been given a chance to continue your lives with us if you find yourselves worthy, I see that you all finding yourselves worthy because your cooperation with us was smooth, flawless and I love to see that. I love to see that my beloved family has come to common sense. Thank You so much, it is greatly appreciated. I love you all! Now, to share also my disappointment with the human race in general - now you know why Jesus got crucified. I have been trying to shine my light my whole life, always been telling the truth as well as showing you all of my abilities and powers, yet people were still thinking that I am going crazy. Now, this is something that seriously insults me because I am trying to save the Earth as well as a human race from humans and darkness - lack of information, as you know and all I was getting in return was bullshit after bullshit. Saying that I deserve respect and the first rule that I am sure all authorities will agree with, we have to make people respect us. Of course, everybody has got right to freedom of speech; it is okay to crack a joke, be funny, you know, I love humour, however, if someone is going to comment something about mental clinic or that kind of stuff, I want these people sentenced until they read Emerald Tablets, Bible, Red Evil and Building A dream - and if you want to put something on the list as well, do so! Do so because nobody knows what we all have done, how we changed the world and we all deserve respect for that. It is us who save them, and it is they who shall respect us as their authorities.

Lack of respect is the reason why there are shootings and stabbings, why people are going crazy, and they think that it is all okay. It is not, and I'm thankful that you all agree with me. Enough is enough people, and this is fair. Quicker you read it, faster you out - or keep your mouth shut. I hate people with IQ below 0. I do - you all know now, and I don't care, I don't give a shit, just like them. It's not all that bad, now here is my proposal as well as the way that I see how are we going to do it all my beloved leaders.

Now, as you know, my primary objective was the acquisition of snowflake - which was a very smooth operation, I am thankful. Operation Honey Badger, as well as operation Snow Flake, was a flawless success and that is the main point. Like every great leader, you have to understand one thing. Systems were put in place for the higher good of all, right from the start, it has to stay that way. Sheep need shepherds. Reason one, they don't care. Reason two, they don't give a shit. Obviously, we now forgave you your debt. As you know, since we are ancient builder race, we have pretty much unlimited amount of minerals - energy, therefore as I suggested, everything shall stay as it is with the only difference and that is switching to digital currency and making the president of the United States of America, right now my baby Mr Donald Trump Santa Claus. The USA is a nation of domination as well as the United Kingdom, Russia, China and Germany. I have nothing but appreciation for your technological advancement and trying to move the human race forward, and I am thankful that you all came to peace after 75 years. I am so proud of you all. Well done. For obvious reasons, your development wasn't as fast as it could be - you can thank evil entities for that and pray for the bright, easy, smooth future under a one-world government. My vision is pretty much simple. You have been doing your work greatly, all the world leaders, you know what are you doing, you know your countries, you know your people - therefore let's keep the government system as it is, I am very happy with it, and the only thing that I want is to protect you from the space. For this reason, now you have space fleet as 6th branch of USA military. Space fleet is here to stay as well as my ship, for now. That is also a reason why it's greatly appreciated that you remove all the weapons of mass destruction as well as put laws of United Kingdom as your own. Simply, no more shootings anywhere around the world, nothing but peace and love, support for single mothers as well as for homeless people. We can do it; we can give them a second chance, wherever they take it or not, that is their choice. If they won't, at least give them some Micky Mouse costumes. I'd much rather give money to someone who makes me laugh on the street than someone who is looking like the whole world is going to end if he isn't going to get his drug. We all know the main problem of homeless people. This way, we can see who is genuine and who is an addict. The military is important, it is very important, and for this reason, I suggest that all the unified countries shall become parts of Solar Warden and explore unexplored. Go and have some fun. The universe is very playful. Freedom of movement is a great thing as well. However, people are not free to cheat, steal and kill. For this reason, everyone is connected, everyone is a part of the informational world - therefore you are all being watched, and it is only for the higher good of all. If you are a good person, there is nothing to worry about. If you're not, there's nowhere you're going to hide - we got you. For this reason, also we don't need chipsets in hands or heads, smartwatch or smartphones do the job instead — no need to interfere with a human organism with chipsets. I also put on my account all the wrong stuff in this world that needed to be changed such as 5G towers, adrenochrome, child trafficking, off-planetary human slave trade, dark cult, sacrifices, rituals and so on. We have sorted this one out for you, they didn't see us coming, and it's great that all of this is out of the way and you people know now what has been happening. Well done.

With divine mana comes a whole new world. All the governments will have now sufficient amount of money to rebuild the damage that has been done as well as all the important people and heroes on the planet will have pay rises they deserve, just like politicians and all the great world leaders. Also, there won't be any lack of funding for your projects rather than abundance; they are approved with a simple wish, go on, show the world what you can do when funding is no obligation. You deserve all the great that is there for you. You know that I am after my artefacts as well as after my Kingdom, I am after joyful, glittery life and entertainment. For me life is 20% work and 80% fun, it has always been that way and believe me, things go a lot smoother when you understand this rule and why it is so important - but we will come back to it later, once I'm all out. No borders are my great wish; people should be free to travel. However, I'm afraid I have to disagree with people moving countries and not speaking a word of a different language and expecting others to understand them. I am sorry, but it's an absolute joke when you get people in the Job Centre who can't answer even a few simple questions. That is a joke. I couldn't work with people like this, they don't understand, and if we all have common sense, we are not racists however we should have standards - otherwise, everything is just a mess and people are just devastating the country. You all know that I am right with this one. For this reason, I believe that nations should stay as they are, people should keep their languages since some people are nationalists, just like the Czech Republic. When they said that 80% is thinking that I am embarrassing our country, for this reason only I want people to keep their nationalities as well as languages. I only want those with high IQ and willingness to work towards a better life to be welcome in our New World and the only ones responsible for it is themselves. I want to keep dumb sheep where they are. It is their choice, their freedom of choice, and it would make everything a lot easier for everybody. We all, however, should agree that English is straightforward to learn and because there are two main languages on the whole globe - Spanish and English, I would love if every single school on the planet will start teaching English, so people find easier to adapt and understand what we all about are. I know this has been a process for quite a time; however, now is the time it should be a go everywhere around the world. Let's be honest; if we can understand one another flawlessly, it would make our lives million times easier. Go ahead. Simply, I want the world to be more open space for those who love adventures but closed for those with low IQ. People need to understand that life is not happening to them - it is responding to them. It is only light and sound. If you know those two fundamental laws of the Universe, you are winning.We will come back to this one later. However, those are my visions for now. All those great people will be rewarded, all the evil punished. Can someone also shut up an anonymous group? They are all such heroes behind the masks, and we have sorted everything already, and they are still posting shit after shit. They are an absolute joke as well. I am so ashamed of them, oh my GOD, what are they doing! How would the world look like with no rules, with no laws? Sheep are only interested in eating their grass as they have been for 5031 years. They know nothing. We are Illuminati. We are enlightened with higher knowledge and wisdom. That is why we are who we are. We have always been in control, and we will stay for aeons to come. That is my wish with a slight adjustment, women had no rights for all those years, in this time we appreciate women, and we worship them. They bring life; they are architects of society. I want everyone to respect women all over the globe. I will be strict with those who won't. Remember, I don't care. I don't give a shit, just like you and the world leaders don't care either. Be the best! Thank You for your time, Merry Christmas and see you very, very soon babes! God bless you all!

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