Ladies and gentlemen, I am so entertained how dumb they all are! Oh my GOD! This seriously turned up harder than I thought. Thanks God for you all! So now we know the number one enemy of humanity ever since, Roman Empire as well as the Catholic Church. Like everybody with common sense knows that the stuff they do is out of order and they are the only reason why the world suffers just like the others who financed all the world wars and were happy that they made profit from people's suffering - and the whole world still sleeps, the entire world doesn't care. I have seen some funny posts today about Q versus humanity, it truly is the Q versus humanity. I am disappointed with them, but on the other hand let's be honest, if they wouldn't manipulate the educational system and make you believe that you all came from monkeys, maybe the world would be different by now. On the other hand, what a silly man to forget about Emerald Tablets. It's ancient, can you believe how ancient that is? And what all they don't want you to know? They are the only enemy of the human race. I think that every other human who has got at least 1% of brain capacity see that all the religions are pretty much the same thing. As they say, what would happen to religions when they discover aliens? People will start worshipping their stars, because if you think that Milky Way is the only galaxy, well it isn't, you all know how many galaxies are there in the observable Universe as well as now you know that everything has got its poles, meaning there are dark entities. However, our galaxy will be finally free from all the evil, and we can eventually reach the stars and live long, be healthy, be happy, vibrate cosmos! Now I would like you to explain what does mean the return of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS - it simply means all is one, we are all one - meaning the world isn't the population of 8 000 000 000 but 1x8 000 000 000. You are all part of the SUN (Apart from 10 OF US, YOU KNOW NOW), we are part of SIRIUS, and all the other species are parts of other Star Systems. Again, there is no reason to be afraid of them because they are loving. Unfortunately, they are not as pretty as Pleiadians or Human race, so they are self-conscious. We all communicate telepathically. To briefly describe, as we look at one's pictures and can deduct what is happening, I can guide them just through my head, and they know what to do just like my baby ship. We also communicate through the code language as well as random events, just like yesterday when I ordered to blast them all out, my sports watch turned on and shown me 6 - 1, meaning CONTROL, THE ONE. Or you can get interrupted TV, or you see numbers everywhere - like 33, 111 and so on. That is how we communicate; you will get there, it's fun, just dummies still don't get it.

So that is pretty much CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. It simply means, you are the Universe experiencing itself, you are the light, you are the soul with the body, that is it. Your life is a result of your decisions. To make you understand a little bit more - I live by these laws. Law of energy - thoughts. Law of vibration - my own happiness. Law of frequency - sound. Law of attention - where your attention goes, that's what manifests - that's why you always have an option. There is no good or bad; it is the ego that assigns the value. Now, this is a message for all the great UNITED leaders. I am sure that you all see how much are they trying to impeach my baby Donald Trump because he is the only one who stood up to them all. He entered the vipers' den, and he's done it for all of us. Simply, you don't need to listen to them and wait until they achieve it, so everything is lost. You should simply go and silence them with NO MERCY. You are the world leaders with huge armies, and I'm sure that if my baby Vladimir Putin worships G.O.A.T., and Royal Family as well, you surely wouldn't have any problem with silencing them all once and for all. Everybody would be grateful, happy, sweet! They are all evil aliens who don't want you here, and you have to use your powers and do what is the right thing to do, just like Winston Churchill when he defended Britain. Now you're defending Earth against evil aliens, and we are in it with you all - Area 51 is yours thanks to allies as well so why don't you go and have some fun? If that would be 5032 years ago, you wouldn't care what others think, you'd just go do it because you were those PHARAONS who got hammered. They still think that we don't know about them, now you also see why it is good to don't have that many followers, nobody knows yet you all are watching what I do. Thank You. It's not easy for me to make those decisions however they are for the good of all, and even if people are looking at me like I'm crazy, I'm saving you all, and you all know. You should also know that all the epidemic diseases are man made, that is how they are killing you, through the vaccines - YOU DON'T NEED THEM, REFUSE THEM! It is the same thing as FUNDING of brain implants, that is the EVIL that's right there guys! Just open your eyes, use your common sense! I'd rather die than live in this corrupt, fake world. I don't care; I don't give a shit! I only feel for people who know about this all and are happy to stay quiet and watch them do what they do without TAKING ACTION. You all who have millions of followers, you are more powerful than you think. I am broadcasting my messages to you and world leaders, however, you are broadcasting your messages to the world. You are all heroes, and none of you has to be afraid of anything. It is them who should be afraid of you. They are few; you are many. If I die, I'm cool, I go back on my ship and see you all later - but you, your kids, you do it all for them just like for yourselves. Anyway, I got a great feeling that we have already won and soon we will all celebrate. Don't be afraid to use your power, don't be afraid to do what's right; you are doing it for everyone; you are powerful, use your power, silence them, don't waste time. In the end, it's just us who know and the rest, they don't care, they don't give a shit, just like Honey Badger. Be like Honey Badger. Ladies are having fun, they love it, just look at them and their bums! Like wow ladies! You really want some sausages do you?! All the ladies are excited for 2020, and every woman love powerful men who do the right things for their people! They love you babies! Go get them baby, shut them up, eat them snakes!

#BeckMartin #ChristConsciousness #Christmastree #EvilAliens #SecondComing #AncientEgypt #Universe #Balance #Thankful

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