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My beloved family, the time has come! I am back to myself. My body and soul is on fire. I haven't been sleeping now for over 34 hours; I'm just burning inside, you can't even imagine how does it feel when the cosmic energies, as well as every other planet, is hitting you left right centre. I am sweating, my brain is on the go, I am trying to close my eyes and sleep, but it's just not happening. I really can't explain it; I know that the truth is weirder than aliens, so let's have a brief review of what is happening right now as well as a little briefing about the great solar flash. Before we do that, let's have some fun first. I have between 10 000 to 15 000 visitors a week on my Instagram account as well as around 1000 visitors a week on my website. To me, that is a high number; I am so thankful. On the other hand, the thumbs up on my account are rapidly going down; it is also fun to watch it - I am not even upset, I am just laughing - simply more successful you are, more haters you are going to have. On the other hand, I don't consider people haters, I think that you are being shown something that is blowing your mind and you have difficult times to cope and see what a magic this all is. I hope that you are loving it and also that you are having fun! I am having fun; I love to see how well ahead of time, I do understand. Eye of Horus is magic. You have to learn how to use it as well. I do believe deep in my heart that with time and practice, everyone shall be able to tap into sacred brain superpowers. I am thankful that I could show you how it all works on my Instagram and how much of control I have. What do you think, are you enjoying the show so far? Let's watch the video below and let's also double-check the date that I put it up, so we have clarification. I put it up on YouTube on the 17th of July 2019. Let's watch it all together!

Can you believe that it has been over five months, almost six and it is all happening now, just like I said? Anyway, this video has collected an unbelievable 32 views! Do you see how much people care about a snowflake? They don't care! They don't give a shit! Do you think they care about something like a great solar flash, Sun, Moon, Sirius, Aliens, Emerald Tablets, Bible, Red Evil, Building A Dream? No, they don't care, they don't give a shit! That is all fine, of course, I call it the cycle of the Universe as well as Karma! Now you see how much power has Karma got as well as G.O.A.T.! There is nothing wrong about G.O.A.T.; you can be the most loving creature in the Universe. However, you also have to know when enough is enough, and you have to take control, command and conquer! Only then you can win! As I said in the article before, we got our ass kicked 2x in a row throughout few thousands of years, easy peasy lemon squeezy, this time we got them! Now, let's come to the second video that I want to share with you and I would like you to see it for yourselves as well! Let's go babies!

Now, I have called this video Unlimited Power for a reason, to show people the power that they have got inside of themselves and also to make them aware that the God they worship is wrong for all this time - so let's remind ourselves one more time, the GOD isn't the STATUE, HEAVEN or CHURCH. The GOD IS SUN. NO SUN, NO LIFE! SUN - YOUR GOD wants to see you happy and give you everything. It is simple as. Now you have seen everything on my Instagram, as well as all the instructions what to do when we are shifting Earth into 5D. It is this easy and now, let's double-check statistics of this video. It has been out for four months, and it has got unbelievable 72 views. Do you see how much sheep care? Do you see how much they give a shit? Let's jump to video number three!

Second Coming, posted right on September 19.9.2019, collected 125 views. I am over the moon, I am. Now, it is three months since this video is out - ENERGY and that is exactly what is happening for quite a while now as you know, we have entered the AGE OF AQUARIUS and MAYAN calendar symbolising the coming of ancient Egyptian race ANNUNAKI, those who descended from the Heaven, coming from Seven Sisters, Pleiades, Orion Belt. 125 views. Wow. What would you do if you would be the captain of the space fleet, you are coming to save your family from the disasters as well as from themselves, and this is all you get? Isn't it disappointing? Lastly, I don't want to feel upset about it and ignorant sheep, I think that we can all conclude that it is much better to let the sheep eat their grass while big boys play with big toys.

Now, this FRIDAY NIGHT video that YES, I USED THE DIGITAL LIBRARY, however, the quality is impressive, I love it, and it is pretty much showing the society today as well as me, trying to do all this work, waiting for it all to happen and everyone just has party, drinking, you know. That is the vibe that I would love to see for the whole planet, and I am thankful that in the end, people enjoy themselves, are getting pissed and so on. This shows how much do they really care. If 7 billion of them didn't wake up tomorrow, they wouldn't care. Do you see how bad it is? Now, this is the reason why I want an ANONYMOUS group to SHUT UP. They waste their time for someone who doesn't even care, who doesn't give a shit. Let them be. I am disappointed. Now, all the instructions about the upcoming GREAT SOLAR FLASH are on my INSTAGRAM, so let's give you a link in here to reread it all. You are all watching; ladies are having fun, so let's keep it that way. I can't wait for all of this to be over and DONE with. If you click on the PICTURE, IT WILL TAKE YOU TO MY ACCOUNT WHERE YOU CAN QUICKLY REVIEW WHAT TO DO NOW. THE GUIDE WILL FOLLOW TOMORROW. SO THIS ONE IS FOR THE G.O.A.T.! LET'S FUCK THEM UP! MERRY CHRISTMAS DUMMIES!

#BeckMartin #SecondComing #GreatSolarFlash #NewWorldOrder #Snowflake #Capricorn #GOAT #HoneyBadger

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