Ladies and gentlemen, please excuse me my vocabulary. I am so exhausted. Let me tell you a little story; it might make you cry. I am not crying; I am on fire. However, I am not going to lie; I had cried around a month ago when I realised that nobody has ever believed in Jesus Christ and as you see, people go to church, and they pray to a statue on the wall. What can one say? Fucking hell dumb sheep, oh my fucking GOD! I don't know where to begin honestly, so let's start with today. You see, again, I see things as they are happening, we are synchronised, which means I get the information daily beamed straight to my fucking head. From fucking SHIP, from fucking SUN, from fucking MOON, from FUCKING SIRIUS. I don't understand how many times do I have to repeat myself to people - don't get me wrong, I am not upset with none of you, you are the only ones who see what is happening because you have gained access to all these technologies so you see my fleet as well as you can all FUCKING READ WHAT I WRITE EVERY FUCKING DAY. I am trying to make it as playful and FUN as I can because I understand that it isn't easy for people to find out that they are being mugged off for all this time, however, who is there to blame, SYSTEM or THEM? Let's be honest; it's not the SYSTEM. It's THEM! Question for my baby's Donald Trump son Donald Junior, I would really like to know how many copies of TRIGGERED have you sold and also straight forward question, do you think that sharing pieces of information with people is going to help to find a solution to the problem we all have? Look at it from my point of view and my story, let's face it, there aren't that many kids that would write books about Satan and would have the knowledge about the world as well as clear OBJECTIVES as well as the FIRE inside of your SOUL that KNOWS WHAT TO DO and WHEN. You can call those abilities however you want. However, they are real, I call them simply MAGIC, and from the bottom of my heart, I believe that everybody can do the same. On the other hand, people don't want, why would they? Why would they want to be able to do magic? What are EMERALD TABLETS for them that are pretty much describing this world? What is the BIBLE for them? It is a lot of BULLSHIT. That is what they think. You have built your nations based on the BIBLE, and that is KNOWLEDGE now 2032 years old. Fucking hell hand on heart, can you believe that? And then look at the civilisation of EGYPT and how old are those EMERALD TABLETS? Did you read them? Hand on heart, can you believe how old they are? And now, you show your abilities as well as your third eye day by day; you are making it all fun, entertainment, so dumb sheep are laughing, and they don't understand what are we doing. I see them all. Today was KO when my baby put up a photo with Angela Merkel. Baby, look, it's not easy for me to realise what all have I done, I know that I was evil, I know now how much of destruction I brought to the world and believe me when I have realised I was crying. But then on the other hand if you read my book BUILDING A DREAM then you will understand that sometimes you literally have no choice than use your POWER because they are dumb fucking sheep. One of my pictures had 13 500 likes when I was on the mobility scooter. Friday Night audition? It collected over 130 000 000 views, it flew all over the globe and when I say that I know everyone's watching me, let's face it, I'm good looking man, but also I got brain, I always did, and there aren't that many people who can make music, write book, do their website, be creative, workout, work - you know all that kind of stuff and still have a time to see girlfriend. Well, ex-girlfriend right now. I am not upset with what she has done to me right before kick-off. However, it felt like a dagger to my heart. And then I spoke to my family, to my mother a year ago and I told her, mom, look, I am not from here, I am incarnated Jesus, I am from the Pleiades. So that was it, all laugh. Then I have to start leading the world when I have seen what's coming and knew that now is the time and do you know what? My own brother called the other brother that they have to put me to a mental hospital. Do you understand? Go on my Instagram, read my books, watch the videos and the communication as well as how well ahead of time I see events because of the EYE OF HORUS, I am vegan, I don't eat meat, I exercise daily, I didn't smoke marihuana until I was 29, I don't take any drugs - apart from smart drugs, but I didn't have even that now for week and half and I can't wait to smoke some, I am just the way I am, and still I am fully able to do what I do. When I am on smart drugs, and with a bid of THC in my system, oh my GOD, I feel everything. I feel the power of who I am. I see the world; differently, I see well ahead of time, I control planets, I am one with them, click on the picture and see for yourself how long ago I knew about all of this.

Read all the captions. Do you see what I mean? That is pretty much three years ago, and I have another website that I have hidden that was even older where I have seen the future, and I will turn it on so you can see, however, do you see my anger and frustration with all these dumb fucking pricks? Do you see how much I hate them all? And I am really sorry, but right now I hate even my own family because my own fucking brother is jealous that I am loved by Lyna Perez. He can't deal with it. He can't deal with fucking truth as well as that I am loved by all the other ladies and when I keep saying it year by year, look the other one is still virgin waiting for me - they want me to believe that she had sex with that old prick who is absolutely useless waste of space and that is my last target. Dominika as you see, that girl loves me for 11 years and didn't say shit, so that she can look after her family, so she has been listening to him all the time. Obviously now you see how frustrated I am with her as well that she never listened to me and never believed in me, so this all is her karma for being an absolute stupid silly blonde pink piece of shit. She doesn't even speak English, and all she cares about is cover of playboy. Well done, dummy. You are definitely not the best girl on the planet, darling. You can be thankful that I still have love in my heart after all. Be ashamed! Nicole got told ONCE and BELIEVED IN ME EVER SINCE, Lyna, all of you ladies, do you see how are you making my life FUCKING HARD?

That is exactly what am I going to do once you contact me that it is all okay, sorted. I am going to go offline now for a bit, I didn't go for a run for four days now, I am obsessed with my physique and looking flawless, so I am taking some time off now from it all. I feel like now this is it. I have demonstrated everything as well as my abilities, intelligence and if you are scared of me or what I have shown you on my Instagram, don't be, you are going to love it, I am GOD OF KINGSHIP IN THE END, so it is all good. The first thing that I am going to do is ask for little CHRISTMAS PRESENT FROM SANTA CLAUS AS WELL AS MY SPACESHIP AND CREDIT MYSELF SOME CREDIT. MY LADIES NEED NEW CLOTHES AND HANDBAGS, and I need to start running some marketing for my books and do some music videos, movies, you know, I got to employ you all as well as show the boys' something that will blow them away. It is all good; I am thankful that you all have common sense and you listen, and you understand. Where would be the world without you? Also ANGELA, can you believe it my dear, can you fucking believe it? I can't help myself, but that's life. Incarnation is real. We cut the last chromosome from your DNA, the one that makes you die early as well as we know things how to make you live longer, as I said. If you find yourselves worthy and want to see more after it is all done, I am myself; we are on Earth in peace, we will put it back. DNA is the way forward, get rid off all the VACCINES, get rid off all the A.I. because that is EVIL. IF you allow them to put chipsets in your head, that is it; they control you, they can kill you just by pressing a button. You are nothing but energy. They all know, they just never told you, they thought that somebody like me doesn't exist. Kinder surprise. DNA is the way forward, Free energy will be installed, and you are going to see real-life magic. Magnetic poles of Earth are changing now as well. That is why I put up three posts a day; it's not going to be as quick as people think. However, it is going to be a lot of damage. I have seen it all. We all who are allies, we are safe, and we will rebuild it all. Evacuate people from volcanoes, they are going to erupt and blow. Vulcanos are your point of interest. Everybody living near volcanoes has to move away, sell the house, quit the job, do whatever you have to if you want to save yourselves; otherwise, you will be flashed away. One explosion of Vulcano creates a tsunami that is up to 150m in height. Just imagine going outside your house and seeing that going at you... There's not much you can do apart from shit yourselves, and that is it. Goodbye. Evacuate them; they still have time. The dark cult, as well as all the fake media and religion, is still a minor threat compared to angry planet Earth, AGE OF AQUARIUS and COSMIC CYCLES. They are a bunch of worthless idiots, put it this way, but Universe? Twenty-five thousand nine hundred years is a long time, however now you know that we are eternal. As much as it is mind-blowing, the world isn't here. The world is out there. I hope that you are all in! Thank you for understanding me, thank you for helping us put things back in order, and after all, I am going to see you whenever. I am taking time off. It has been manic. I love you, babes. See you all soon. Kisses and hugs. FEEL THE MANA POURING IN BABY! Merry Christmas. Honey Badger.

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