My beloved Terra, my family. I am observing the situation as well as watching everything that is happening, and I am thinking about everything that has happened in past 5032 years. My family, let me say one thing first if you don't like what I post, what I write, you got my phone, you know where I am, come and get rid of me. I would rather die and return to my ship. I had a few drinks; I had to get drunk because I am upset, I am pissed off, my soul is on fire!!! If you want to kill me for my opinions, QUEEN ELISABETH II, DONALD TRUMP, VLADIMIR PUTTIN, DO SO and let me tell you how I feel deep inside my SOUL. I cannot sleep; do you know how hard it is for me? Do you know? Can you imagine? There is nobody that understands me here; I just wanna cry like I am crying now and go. I don't want to be here. I don't. I am crying as I am writing this down. I was here 5032 years ago, doing my best to build this planet and I got killed. Then I got crucified after FUCKING NEXT 3000 YEARS. FOR FUCKING WHAT? And then, I come back for vengeance, and you perceive me as EVIL. German people know how much good I have done for them. I GOT RID OFF FUCKING BANK AS MY FIRST OBJECTIVE, and that was the only reason how could I raise the nation. I wanted the best for my people, and I was just and only pointing at what is wrong about this world. Nobody has seen it. Nazi sign was always a good sign, not a bad sign; it is the only religion that perceives it as a sign of evil. However, every other religion perceives it differently. Never mind. Let's come back to my thoughts. I am thankful that I have got you on my side now. I am from the bottom of my heart. I have opened GOOGLE TODAY, and I HAVE TYPED IN HITLER. I wanted to know a little bit more, you know, I am not interested in past rather than future and doing what is right, so I don't care what was ages ago rather than what is NOW, so I opened the first article and let me rewrite what have I seen. You can find it on google if you don't know or you want reassurance. I took a screenshot. So Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Read that again, in 1933. In JANUARY 1933. JESUS GOT CRUCIFIED WHEN HE WAS 33 YEARS OLD!!! Have you ever tried to understand or read numerology? I have always seen through numerology and this matrix we are all living in. Never mind. Now what made me cry even more. He got removed out of his function on 14th of October 1933. And I post all my life number 14, dating PINK girl, Valentine's Day 14th of FEBRUARY and quoting that those who don't believe in magic will never find it? I have got the whole world of the best women literally after me, and this is what I post, and on the top, this is what I found out after Adolf? Look, the first thing what he has done was got rid of FED and their system, that was the only way he could build such an army and do all the evil he has done, on the top, he was after ancient civilisations, that was the only reason he became powerful so quickly. He made a mistake that he was for black magic rather than light, never mind, he got punished, but to find out that it was me, I just find it hard to get on with it for one reason, no one has ever believed in me for 5032 fucking years. I want to give the world everything, eternal life, glitter, sparkles, unicorns, flying saucers, space ships, knowledge, wisdom, everything and I am finding out all of this. I can't deal with it; I am here crying like a baby, ANGELA, VLADIMIR, DONALD, ELIZABETH, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT I CAN TALK TO. I AM SO DOWN. 5032 years. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Everyone thinks that I am mad apart from my girls and you. They are mugging me off my whole life, whole fucking life. Look how many times I have died for the good of all and still, I am here alone, I open my phone and see all these girls, and then I see Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, I see you, and that is it. I want to be with you because I can't cope with it, I am an emotional wreck, and now you all know why, because of all of them. I want good for everyone, I am loving, and look at what have they done to me. I did know fucking shit, it just comes to me day by day, and I can't cope with it. I want to be with you all. they all betrayed me apart from you and believe me if I say that I'd rather die. I always wanted to do only good and right things for the people and look at how they treated me for all this time. I am crying. Vladimir Putin is the only man here right now who acts fast. I hope you all will catch up because they have been destroying you for all this time and you just don't care. None of you. You argue with them, you share it with idiots who don't give a shit, and then I open my account, and I see that rocket going up, and all I think is that this is the only solution. I am sending 1 000 000 000 to death, and we all know that we have to do it, but it is my decision and after all, do you know how hard it is for me actually to realise it all? Everybody is against me apart from my ladies and you, my babies? I am crying my eyes out. Wish I smoked some weed and just went sleep. Still, more I think of it all as well as immortality of our souls as well as what was my number one objective and how they can all allow these people to do all the evil they do to them, all these chemtrails, child sacrifices, how they torture them just to look young, how they wage wars for all of that, you know. I am so thankful to have you all right now because it is difficult. Then I look at PINK, and I am even more upset when I see all the numerology and how much does it all match the history as well as all the numbers. It all breaks my heart. It does. Believe me; I would rather not wake up in this world full of sheep. I would not and if you find my messages offensive, get rid off me. They are all fucking sheep - all of them. Look what have I all done in 5032 years and they still take me like a fucking joke. Vladimir, you are my hero, Donald, you too, Angela, I can't wait to talk to you, Queen Elizabeth, I just hope you understand me and why I am this emotional wreck. 5032 years. I am so sorry, but I am not the wrong one, it is them. Eternal life, technology, free energy, everything you can imagine and all they have is tents, guns, and I am not even mentioning how they treat women - like a piece of shit. That is the world you all live in for all this time. And when I stand up to it all as the only one who'd rather die, people would put me to a mental clinic - for trying to save them from themselves. What am I even doing here? I am sorry ladies, I do have a soft heart, and I have just been broken-hearted... It's not nice to read it all and see who's there for me and who's not, who see and who doesn't... 347 trillion debt, poisons, 7 billion dead, Brian implants, destruction, evil, scum, IQ below washing machine... Who is the one wrong here? Is it me, or is it them? What are we going to do about it? I say, do what I say, what do you say? I call for New World Order! What do you call for? And the last point, do you know how it feels when even your own family doesn't give a shit about how are they being mugged off, how are they being treated, all the women how are they being treated, what are all these people with 160 million followers care about? Cars? Houses? Angela, do you see it? Vladimir, Donald? What the fuck is going on in here? How can they be proud of themselves? And in the end, how can they wonder that all those ladies love me and don't give a shit about their men? Am I the only one who stood up to it all? Am I the only one who calls for TOTAL WAR? If I wouldn't have you and my ladies, I am home alone here. Every other man is fucking coward and pussy. These women have more balls than all of them! Living hell!

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