Assignment complete!

My beloved people, so as you aware yesterday I had NHS walking in after my brother has called them, I refused to go and carried on with my stuff until I have been given two choices, so I decided to go, take it easy and run my mouth wild. Do you know what I mean? So now anyway I'm laughing here in the hospital about everything because at first, they were all serious, but I was giving them a briefing about quantum mechanics, quantum physics and metaphysics and so on. They were blown away so. Obviously, they have got nothing on me. I am one brainy fuck. Right, so I wanted to write down a little report about what has been completed and how successful we were and so on. First of all, we have got the main building, all switched to the digital currency now, great stuff, that is the number one key here to win, and we won. I am proud of. The second was to bypass the fake news and tv and create our own channel which as I see is an enormous success and I simply love it. It is so much fun. I can't stop laughing. Then, after all, we found Satan, and I am feeling close to my Metatron cube. I know that these things are probably hard to take in, but that's just the way it is. I came here for vengeance, and I have achieved revenge. I am proud of. I would not expect to find such a beautiful woman like is Lyna Perez, so I am staying. I have spoken to doctors, and he said he is going to discharge me. Now I am free. Thank You so much. I appreciate it guys. We won. We are free. I am excited for the upcoming period, and I am excited about building Earth up with my friends. We are all love. It's all good in the hood. I've got it under control. I see everything. I love you all my babies.

My vision for 2020 is quite simple, we do what we want to do, we have got money to do so and ideally we are building the world back up. They have destroyed it and put everyone into the poverty, so now is the time we take the power back, step up and do what we want to do. I am excited to be with you all.

#BeckMartin #Assignmentcomplete #Missioncomplete #ThekingoftheKings #Timetosuitup

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