Mission Complete

My dear people, I am taking time to write a report because I feel like we finished, mission complete. It took us unbelievable six long months to asses everything wrong in this corrupt world and fixed it. As you are aware, some problems, unfortunately, require a quick fix rather than cheap talk. That is just the nature of the things, and you have to accept it. So now I would like to come back to 5D map that nobody has looked into, so I have done it for you. Let me highlight all the key points that we dealt with. So on our first point were Clintons and Rothschilds, democratic a.k.a. Demonic party, child sacrifices, adrenochrome and FED. Federal Reserve Bank. Just in case if you don´t know how the whole system worked, here is a brief cartoon video for you so you can get a basic glimpse of the dirty business that was going on in here for ages.

So this is how it all started; it is all right here described in this cartoon. That is the world you were all living for ages, and nobody really cared apart from Mr Putin and Donald Trump. It is heartbreaking that most of you are living your lives, paying your taxes, mortgages and so on without actually even thinking about why do you have to do all of that nonsense. Why are human beings the only beings on the planet that have to pay to live? Why? Now you know the answer, 14 Satanistic families that were running the world and were dealt with promptly. I am so thankful for your cooperation, thanks. So that all still comes under the section of child sacrifices, rituals and dark cult, deep state cabal that has been secretly running the world without you knowing. That also brings me to the awareness that paedophilia has been there for ages between priests. I just don´t get how you are all getting married and stuff, promising yourself eternal love, when halfway through you are frustrated, those who serve so-called God are virgins and the priests are raping little children. What a disgusting world that was? So that also brings me to the question, how can someone be satisfied with playing for the huge crowds or doing any other sort of business without trying to unite and fight this corruption and dirty business altogether? It just makes me think that humanity completely forgot about the strength that is in unity. Never mind, it is done and dusted. So what is next on the list? The dark web, pizzagate, loosh, loosh as you know now are those white royal dracos that feed of your fear, that is it. So if you are happy, laughing, that is what makes them upset and disappear. They are gone. I am so thankful that they are gone. You can feel the instant relief in the air. According to the plan we have also covered the controlled demolition of the world trade centre, even false flag in the Pentagon. Pizza gate has been shut down too. We have covered engineered diseases, viruses and that dirty sort of business. Also on the top of that, we shut down Epstein Island. Hopefully, we are going to shut down the dark web as well as all those dark, bad things that are there and we can start fresh. As you know, we took control over monetary systems, are protected with space force, so it is all good now, we can focus on rebuilding the world.

Here in this video is a brief summary of what happened and what have I done. I have connected you to me rather than to them. Now you know that I provide you with the real source of information and as much as some of them are not nice to look at, at least you see who is honest and who isn!t. The great thing is that we live in an informational world now, every piece of information is out there so you can look it all up, do your own research. Obviously, people who fail to adapt and you can tell there is plenty of them will struggle. Consciousness is like a memory; it is part of the informational world that you store on a memory card or hard drive, and you can access it anytime you want. Consciousness could be the book you read, games you play, anything that makes you conscious, aware, that is consciousness. Obviously, as you see, you are those who have access to this information, you have witnessed it all. Thank You for your support and love, now it is my time to be happy and enjoy my carefree life. Now it is going to be just glitter, rainbows, sparkles and unicorns. Glitter tears. That is all I can say. Glitter tears. Mission complete.

#BeckMartin #newworldorder #ThankQ #QAnon #IronEagle #Militaryintelligence #Godblessyou

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