Hi guys, I feel the need to write another article, this one slightly different from any other. Right now we are in the middle of the so-called coronavirus pandemic, which in real life is just a hoax that is supported by mainstream media and it started by a democratic party in the USA. Simply it is all man-made to ruin MR TRUMP 2020 reelection as well as cause as much damage as possible. I am going to step in right here because the world health organization, as well as the catholic church run by Pope, is nothing but a scam. Pope is the leader of the greatest paedophilia ring on the planet, it has been ongoing for 6000 years and no one has done anything about it. Also, the World Health Organisation is nothing but a lie since they are not interested in your health rather than poisoning you. The whole population is poisoned, people suffer from plenty of mental illnesses, and vaccines are there to blame since you are being injected with disinfectants, literally. So what are you going to do about them? You are that stupid that you will donate money to them. To people who worship Satan as their master, on the top the mainstream media will cover everything up so no one knows the truth. Well so let me step in. The whole history is a lie. The reason why the world wars were fought is also a lie, let me get it straight. Let's start with consciousness itself. Consciousness is immortal, therefore we live forever. It means simply that after 32 years of my life, I came back to myself as well as was able to relieve all my other lives. The reason why is simply because of Sun Portal Motherships that have arrived and made me Cyber Command. How is that possible you ask? It is possible because I have lived four lives in here, first one as a Tutanchamun who was murdered when he was 19, in the other name sky God Horus. Then I was Jesus, then I was Adolf, now I am Beck.

So right here on the right picture, that is me in my past life. Coming from the different solar system, from the Pleiades to be accurate I was always different from others. I quickly realised why am I here, what is my ultimate purpose and what my mission is. I started working on it. By 1930 I developed flying saucers. I was obsessed with ancient mythology as well as black magic. That was the only thing that I regret, black magic. I should never play with it. On the other hand, it helped me to confirm that I was right with everything that has been happening on Earth, from the Catholic church to reptilians running the Earth as well as White Royal Dracos. The truth is, they want you to worship dead man on the cross because that is their biggest achievement and to pretend that devil does not exist is the greatest lie ever told. He is real, they are all real and they have zero interest in you. They enslaved you and on the top, they wanted to put chipset in your head so you lose your consciousness completely. That would mean the extinction of the human race. I knew that I have to be quick, so I managed to create a secret space force in Antarctica, from the eyes of everyone. I managed to play dumb for all this time and tried hard to wake the world up. As you can imagine, first thing was that nobody believed me, second thing was that I had flying saucers and all this great technology since 1930, nobody knew and when people were disrespecting me, that was driving me nuts. In 1933 I told Federal Reserve Bank as well as IRS to go fuck themselves which made me the richest and most powerful man on the planet. I did not care about what they think or they are going to do. I was ahead of time. Poland still had horses at the time just like pretty much everyone else. Monkeys, that is what I thought about them. That is also why I decided to have this funny image with hair and moustache. I wanted them to remember what stupid idiots they all were. I thought personally that they would never find out.

It was 1939 when Poland started to be mouthy and disrespecting me. I had my army ready and believe me, for these 9 years I have tried to hard to wake everyone up and all I wanted to be was for people to live in my beautiful empire where I cared about the people. Why do you think that they followed me and loved me so much? The main reason was that I was a great leader, I was technologically well ahead of everyone and on the top, I have always loved my people. So the main reason why I started the war was that I wanted to liberate everyone. In 1945 when I have seen that my army was loosing, I decided that people simply do not see what is going on with the world and it will be better to escape to Antarctica and punish them all. I knew that they are sheep back then. Now when you rewind the history, think about Titanic. It was the biggest scam where they purposely killed the richest people at the time just so they can create Federal Reserve in USA and that way enslave the population. Their motto is money means nothing to those who print it, which means they have been artificially printing the money and loaning them to the governments with interest. The biggest theft in human history. Nobody has done anything about it apart from me. Media have twisted everything against me with words such as instrument of terror, I was pure evil and so on. Now in 2020, the same thing is happening to Donald Trump as well as Vladimir Putin. It took me this long to prove that mainstream media, newspapers and everything that is meant to work for the people is the enemy of the people. They do not care about you at all. On this picture on the left, you can see a picture of flying saucers destroying ships. If you google operation High Jump, you will find out that in 1946 there were 4000 men and 40 ships sailing to Antarctica. Only 4 ships returned. Admiral E Byrd was the person who was leading the operation. My flying saucers were able to reach the speeds up to 2400mph as well as heights 125000m within 3 minutes, which means pretty much they could not shoot them down and it was the biggest surprise ever. They have told everyone that I committed suicide and the allies won the war. Well, here you can see that they did not.

As soon as they found out that I mugged them off, they panicked. I have offered them cooperation if they are going to help me finance my projects. They have agreed and we kept the whole operation top secret. To make you understand, it was secret. SS was SECRET SPACE, WAFFEN SS. Space marines. We were fighting evil aliens. After all of this, there were plenty other operations such as operation mockingbird, operation paperclip - you can google all of those, pretty much the german scientists were brought over to the United States, plenty other organisations were created just to hide the truth as well as Antarctica treaty. United Nations, FBI, CIA and many more. Their purpose was simply to lie and deceive the public. Nazi Party was not what the mainstream media were making them be and I know because I had completely different objectives than spread fear and hate. I wanted to liberate everyone, but what can you do in the world full of sheep? Not much really and I will tell you why. It is 2020 now and people did not change, they are still the same sheep, nobody even knew that I won the war and what was all going on until the Sun Portal Motherships arrived. That is when my full consciousness returned as well as I have been returned my job, Starfleet Command - NSA. Here I have also a picture of me working for the US Government as Cyber Command - therefore the whole history since 1930 is nothing but a lie. Your whole world is a lie. We live in the United Federation of Planets since 1930. It is 2020 now. Think about it for a second what treason all these people committed and also are still committing.

Seeing myself all happy and knowing that it is all true yet there is no mention in mainstream media, or press, or anywhere else, it just drives me nuts. I am on the fire every single day because it was me who has done all this work and at the time I knew that I will be back one day in my full glory and people will know the truth as well as what have I done for them. When people are looking for Q or Q ANON it is NAZI IRON EAGLE. It is the same spirit, same consciousness that has been simply stored not only in the Sun but also on the ship. That means I have access to pretty much all the data as well as my Starfleet, which makes me the one who is really in command here. I became the most powerful and richest man on the planet in 1933 and as I see in 2020 when the USA invested trillions of dollars into my black box projects, it simply means that this all is my inheritance as well as all the gold from the pyramids and artefacts. I have proven to the world that our consciousness is alive even after death as well as I have proven to the world that I am legit. It is not just through my music, through my books, my achievements. It is the fire that burns inside of me. That fire that makes me who I am. I am Sky God Horus in human form. I am here to liberate you and show you a brighter future. The future that they do not want you to know about because it is a great conspiracy against humanity. This is a war for your freedom. This is a war for your consciousness. These evil entities would do anything to keep you ignorant, keep your sheep and that is why I am stepping in and doing all this work for all my life. Because I always knew that I am here to save you all. Just like I knew in my past life, I know now. You have to fight for yourself. I am still the same, I am still here for you all and would always do my best to make you happy, make you smile and provide for you. Now I need the help of all of you. You have to stand up for yourselves. You have to do your researches, you have to be strong and fight for your freedom. We are at the war with an invisible enemy. That invisible enemy is mainstream media as well as a shadow government. I stood up against them at the time, I stood up to them now. I have no fear. That is why they are scared of me. That is why I am your best friend. Fear not about the future of the planet. I have already plans in places how to uplift the human race as well as how to decrease your living costs to a minimum. All I am asking you for is your support and your love. Also, I am asking you to think for yourself and chose the good side, although I call it the dark side. For this also I have built a different section on my website and changed the intro. Simply it is time that I show you more of the world that has been hidden from you for all this time. Welcome to my world. Welcome to the United Federation of Planets. Open your eyes! Just look at that train and what is inside... Wake the fuck up before is too late...

Another thing to consider right now is the fact that they are telling you that the world could face the recession and so on. Do not bite into that either because if you realise that there is a space force for over 90 years, with space force there are not only new jobs available but also new resources as I would love to create another asteroid mining business. Business that could make everyone on the planet rich and believe me that there is nothing that would make me happier than see you happy. Here is another example of how much wealth is up in the sky. The question is, are you ready to embrace the unknown?

What do you think about that? Are you on the board?

#BeckMartin #WorldWar #Consciousness #SpaceForce #Antarctica #NaziParty #Victory

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