Hi guys, thank you very much for reading my newest article and that is about unification. I know and understand that when someone's going mad as I did then the reactions might vary because not every individual will understand what is going on - so let's just say that this stays in the past as well as all the people and for now since you all allowed me to do what I do, then I'm using that power to call for unification. It was 21/3/2020 when Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States tweeted about Hydroxychloroquine as a weapon to fight COVID-19. Pay attention to the date. At the time I asked Kylie Jenner to be my queen, she said yes. Also, I picked up Kendal Jenner and Ariana Grande. The only answer how did I manage to do all of that is simply my connection to everything around. I did not know anything before until the day that ship that I called upon arrived and I woke up. At the time I've done around 6 videos about the second coming and I know that lot of people were secretly taking the piss about what I do, however, a few months later all was proved to be true and these ships truly arrived as well as I got hit by really strong lighting and electricity several times after. I'm not going to lie, I loved the feeling. I love it so much. I knew exactly what am I doing as you can see on my Instagram. The reason I know what am I doing is that I always listen to whatever is in my head at the time as well as to my heart. I'm not going to write everything that I know about heart, brain and all the stuff that monkeys don't understand, but for those who understand what is going on, you are under attack. There is no other explanation of how or why the numbers in Russia go all the way down and it is under control - Russia is using Hydroxychloroquine to battle the virus and they are successful. Meanwhile in the USA Dr Fauci caused a massive crash of the economy and is trying to ruin Mr Donald Trump in favour of Joe Biden. Guys like if you seriously want that man as your president, you're wasted. All of you. Nobody is going to delete me or my content simply because before they would even think that there could be someone like me, all the hashtags will be deleted as well as every single trace leading to me. That is the only way to keep us all safe. This is a silent war and we have to win at every cost. The reason why we need to unite and fight this evil now is that there is still time to expose all their shit, we have now proven that everything you've been saying about them is correct. Big action needs to follow up. What are you going to do about them is up to you, my personal belief is that army should be enough and then electric chair. For everyone involved in this dirty game called COVID19 as well as online censorship of the truth. You know my website, you know my email, you know all the buttons in here and I can tell you now one thing, shall my account ever be deleted, all that I'm going to do is to create a new one and connect it to the website so you can easily find me just in case something would happen. Also, know that I have the New World Arts account as well. Never mind, nobody is going to delete my account simply because I'm silent now and I will remain silent until I'm with Kendall Jenner. Yep, Kendall, I found out because of that huge ship that you have seen on the pictures as well as here on the website. It is all real, all is happening in the real-time and I know because I'm connected to everything. Please, world leaders, unite, work together, you don't need any more proofs about anything - you just need to send the army to get them and put them into jail and then on the electric chair. That is all they deserve. Thank You for loving and following these instructions. I've got a feeling that if you're not going to do it, you risk the future of the whole planet as well as humanity. Nearly 700 000 lives lost for someone's inability to acknowledge the only cure. You see their game, now deal with it. Take action. Also, when you are going to think about these electric chairs, you know which 3 men booked the session as well. We love you. Thank You!!! I'm going to write a new book called "Lightborn" where I am going to summarise what happened to me as well as describe to you what all have I experienced so far. I got to say that I loved every single moment and I love every single moment that I'm alive now. It is a different feeling, knowing that I see world from above and I just happen to know everything. You know, that kind of a feeling that you're on my radar 24/7, that's how you know that everything documented was and is true. Mainstream media are lying to you, for now I'm the only reliable source of information and I can guarantee that this website will always work no matter what. Stay safe my girls, thanks for watching, stay safe and see you soon! I can't wait! God wins!!!

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