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Light wins!

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Hi guys, I am back with another blog post, this one called simply "Light wins!" because light wins. If you click on my picture right here, you will download 2000 pages long document of all the paedophiles on the planet. Something that General Flynn has been sent to the prison for. Guys, you've done what you've done, it is going to go with you for a long, long time. You have raped, tortured and killed babies just so you can do what you could do. Simply put, you have killed all these innocent kids for your greed. You have exchanged their lives for your fame and wealth. Are you proud of yourselves? I hope that you are because I'm proud of myself as well. Not only that I have done the greatest military operation in the history of the human race, I proved that mainstream media is nothing but fake, I have shown your cure for cancer, HIV, AIDS, COVID19 and as you see it has been blocked by the mainstream media as well, simply they don't want you healthy - all because of Big Pharma and vaccines. Take your vaccines and stick them down your ass. Take your censorship of the truth and stick it down your ass, you can't stop anything that I built. Saying that thanks to everyone who's out there fighting for the truth, you all don't show your face, it is only me, so for all of you, thank you so much for helping me with it. You are that stupid that you don't even know that I am working against you for all this time. That is how stupid you are. Anyway, I'm not going through these 2000 pages, what I've seen was enough for me to close it. I don't understand how can you physically do it and mostly I don't understand why there are only a few people on the planet who had balls to stand up to it as well as to them. Only a few men on the whole planet. Shame on you all Hollywood action heroes. You're such a great actors but when it comes to action, you all wear a mask... I refuse to wear a mask... Here I am baby, I got you all, come and get me and if you will, beat me, buddy, because that's the only thing left. I ain't scared of any of you. I'm not upset with celebrities as much as I'm upset with all of those who organised this for years and years. We all know who am I talking about and those people will be executed. It isn't cruel, it is fair. I hope that I made myself clear and thank you for your cooperation. Nobody is ever going to delete this. I love you. Victory.

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