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Lion's gate 2020!!!

Last year exactly on 8.8.2020 I decided to release my Friday Night music video - it was Lion's gate portal - that's why. It is exactly a year later, my Friday Night video has collected over 70 000 views. Okay, it isn't like my audition on the X factor that has collected so many views that it is unbelievable up until now. I see the video when the judges can't stop laughing that collected over 55 million views now, other Facebook videos from the X Factor have collected lots of views as well. Now I'm looking at the video from the X factor global's Facebook and it shows an unbelievable 36 million views. Count with me, so two of those videos are equal to 91 million views, just these two videos. That is amazing. Now there are more videos, the main one was on the X factor UK. That sits at 21 million views now, so when we add two and one together, that makes up to 111 million views in total. Another Facebook group that shared the video was Unilad sound where I collected another 21 million views - if I add all of these videos then I have counted around 132 million views just from these videos. Unfortunately, I could not count all the twitter views at the time, so now I'm going to add just YouTube views and that would be my final figure. Beck Martin gets the party started on the X factor has got 2.3 million views. There is another YouTube video called Epic DJ makes Nicole go crazy, that has collected 3.2 million views on the Viral talent and finally get a first look on the new series of the X factor has collected 2.5 million views up until today. So that is another 8 million views on the top making it 140 000 000 views combined all together. My ambition at the time when I've been made the official advert of the X factor 2016 was simply beat Gangnam Style. It was a hilarious music video with a song that did not make much sense yet people loved it. I thought what it is that people love and pretty much everyone wants to laugh. That is it, people are tired of crying songs, people want some upbeat, something entertaining, especially in this miserable time of Covid19 global lockdowns. When I noticed that MTV is willing to play my Friday Night as well as all the radios, I needed a radio edit. I did it by myself, just like everything else. Right from the start that was the best thing that I could do and the only reason why is because at the time I thought that if I will make it to MTV as well as to the radios one day, that is when I officially win and I have managed to turn my childhood dream into my reality. I have to say that seeing my music video as well as hearing my song on all the commercial radios all over the world would be the greatest reward after all the hard work that I have ever done in my life. I wanted to write another article for a few other facts and they are that I use numerology and astrology for all of these releases as well as planetary alignments because that is when the energy is highest and as you can see it truly helped me to transform the planet into a happier place, that's why everybody loved it. I'm so excited guys about the launch, I'm thankful that I found out how to register for the charts as well as all the other necessary stuff around the music. Music is the language that unites us all and when it comes to the global crisis right now, we are at the edge of destroying the old guard and creating a new guard. As I demonstrated to you, there's nothing to fear because it is all love, unfortunately, you can see that if you google "SETH" and the fact that he is the God of destruction and chaos, that is exactly what's been happening while "HORUS" was God of war but also God of Kingship. Saying that God of Kingship means the one who would do anything to make you happy, live long and prosper. For thousands of years people's vibrations were lowered as well as the power of the human consciousness has been surpassed just so you don't find out the truth but this is where I would love to point out that if you put few facts together, it could rapidly transform everybody's lives on the Earth planet.

I stated back in 2018 that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and whoever knows himself shall find it. I knew at the time and now it is all confirmed to be true. What I would love you to take from my story are a few facts. When I was leaving the Czech Republic, most of the people were saying to me that I should not go abroad, people will treat me like Ukraine people back in the Czech Republic, they won't pay me enough because that's just the way it works and so on. Pretty much everyone was discouraging me and my dreams right from the start, some of them were literally laughing to my face that I'm crazy just because I wasn't like them. They were obviously jealous because of women. It stayed with me until now, as you can clearly tell. I always loved women but also could do a really huge wall and say no. I never had an issue with saying no, however, that no caused me a lot of troubles, I understand that it must be hard to want something that you can't have and you can't have it, because it's too late or you wasted your opportunity but that's just the consequences of your own choices. The worst thing is to find out that you were loyal to a snake. A snake that just wanted to use you to cover what was she actually doing. It is sad but it didn't surprise me because I was suspicious - especially after all the lies on TV that I have seen. I've got a boyfriend abroad and he knows that I'm not like that. Okay, well, he does not because you have been the most stupid girl that I have ever met in my life and I would not be surprised if your IQ was actually lower than average IQ in Africa. That's what I think about pink. On the other hand, I don't regret anything that I have ever done because I just thought that I'd do my best even if I don't get the credit that I deserve because someone else might be paying attention, who knows? That voice in my head was always stronger than me, it was kinda saying there's a virgin who loves you beyond your wildest dreams and how silly it was to think for all this time that it was pink? That's why I was so confused, I would not think that it would be Kendall Jenner. When I found out, it made me the happiest man on the planet. Ladies your attention means the world to me - Kylie, Kendall, Ariana because we are the first ones to publicly admit that we want to be together, all 4 of us. That's unbelievable but on the other hand, when I think about the situation with men all over the globe, I absolutely understand.

I'd love to highlight few things right here in this article. Everybody is able to criticise the things that they don't understand, just because they don't understand so I got used to people talking lot of shit and I was taking their shit for years and years just because I did not want to admit to myself that I could seriously be this good. Everything has changed, since I've been clearly dominating 2020 all I'm thinking for myself is, there is a documentary movie that I have done, there is plenty books that I wrote as well as my first ever music video that will hopefully get on MTV as well as on all the radios worldwide. I'm excited for this campaign because that's the finisher as well as the start. Start of a brand new chapter for the whole planet, my ambition is simply uplift all the spirits and seeing Friday Night conquering the global charts as well as all the radios and MTV, that would truly be the dream come true after huge success on the X factor. The only thing that I am quite upset about until now is the fact that if I think that my audition has got over 140 000 000 views now, then opening sequence in Wembley has got nearly 900 000. That is a huge difference and based on this I have gathered that there is still a huge room for improvement, especially between all the people who think that Friday Night is the only thing that I have got. I can't wait to prove myself right and cause global halo one more time. When I observe the situation, I think that we do not have any other choice right now for the fact that all the Q anon accounts are being silenced or deleted. It is good that they're coming back after all but why would you delete the truth of the internet? Just because people don't want to be shamed for what they have done? For the truth? Do you know why I talk about the shit that happened to me this often? Simply because it is that shit that makes us who we are. What I've done wrong in my life? If you scroll down my photo gallery you might find out what all have I done wrong, because I thought that it is a cool thing to do and I can do it. I changed so much, I became the most loving man on the planet and I felt like I have to pay back for all the girls that got their hearts broken because of me. I'm thankful that I have changed for a much better man than I used to be because I was truly horrible. Who wouldn't be if your dreams are taking you abroad and nobody wants to go with you? What was the point of trying for a relationships on the first place if everyone is scared of taking leap of faith?

I was never scared of taking a leap of faith because my vision has been always pretty clear, get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank at any cost. For those who are following me and what I do for a while, you can see that this is the main topic in Friday Night Music Video. I did it on purpose to show you that the majority of the population just wants to get drunk every weekend while other people are risking their lives to set them free. That's how I see it. If it would be easy, everybody would do it, just like getting six-pack abs. It ain't easy, it is bloody hard work as well as dedication and commitment not only to exercising but avoiding certain types of foods as well. When people talk about mental health, to me the mental health is simply the ability to keep on pushing even if you're in pain, even if everything hurts and you just want to stop and go home, but if you say that today I'm going to run 42km, I'm going to do it no matter what. I'm still quite disappointed with 6 hours but it was the first time and I'm training hard now to beat my time. The truth is, exercising will make you happier than any money you will ever make. Obviously, you are not going to pay your bills with exercises but when you think about the fact that health is wealth, staying healthy as long as you can and active should be everyone's priority, shall they wish to live long. Obviously, people wouldn't exercise because it is too hard, they're too lazy and they would prefer to sit down in front of their TV after their hard day at work. That is understandable but that is also why you feel so tired. If you don't exercise, you're just getting older and older. Right now I'd love to share with you my first motivational movie based on a true story where I clearly demonstrated that if you have a vision and follow it blindly, you will get there one day. So let's just say that guys, if you're launching it on the 14th, on the official release date, I love you all and I want you to know that it was you who saved our Earth planet. Thank You so much in advance. My aim is to beat Gangham style as well as be the number 1 in the charts for 12 weeks straight. I would love that and I'm focusing my mind on it. Right now when I see the coronavirus spike, I think that the USA, as well as the borders, will probably stay closed for anything between 1-5 months, mainly for the fact that this hysteria is caused by the mainstream media that simply don't want to acknowledge Hydroxychloroquine as the treatment. I'm glad that you have all seen everything that I have done in order to save you all and make sure that you're alive. Perhaps if Boris Johnson wouldn't take these pills, he would not be between us anymore. That was their plan, by the way, you see? Imagine the planet without our presidents and prime ministers, imagine the world without the Royal Family just because nobody had a cure for Coronavirus! I still have my full 2 packs at home and the funny thing is when I was ordering them I could not get them anywhere apart from eBay and Russia. They're waiting in the drawer just in case I'd get it as well but as I know myself, I am one healthy, happy man.

I said yes to WWE. I wanted to apply for ages especially after the X-Factor because once on TV always on TV. On the other hand, as you see now political situation as well as the truth has been my priority and once it is all out there, I'm quite happy to join WWE and Raw roster, I'm super excited and that's why I put all the focus on healing my nerves, getting my spine unbent and getting back to my workouts. I weight 65kg right now, which is 20kg less than I used to weight. It is a huge difference but on the other hand, I love the way I look and I'm going to keep on pushing because the shredded lean physique is a great sign of man's commitment to his craft. I am proud of my physique and also I acknowledge that there is a very long, long way to go. I chose not to go down that path just yet and save it for the time that I will truly need it. Building my muscles with only workouts and eventually with few supplements once and then helped me so much. I know that even if I stop exercising as I did now for 13 months, most of my muscle mass will always stay. Those are perks of building your physique over time. I've seen the massive decline in guys who were doing testosterone and other injectables and it is unbelievable how much muscle mass you lose when you stop. The sad truth is, if you start this early, it will fuck you up in the long run because you won't do anything without it. You see my mentality there? Keep on pushing for as long as I can. To be fair I don't think that women love these huge ripped physiques because it is not only intimidating but most of you are perceived as testosterone aggressive beasts. Women don't like it as much. That's another reason why I'd prefer to stay away from this for the time being. I'm simply very happy with myself. Hydrogen water is enough electricity. So ladies and gentlemen the lion's gate is opening tomorrow, the planets will be in alignment with Giza Pyramids and that is it. Thank You so much for making all of this happen and in exchange, I can promise you all that we will get over this and our lives will be much better than they were before. We got this, I love you, let's make it all happen! It's time we fight back for our freedoms, for our freedoms of speech and mostly it's time that we stop the evil. Remember, the world won't burn because of the bad people but because of the good ones watching them doing what they doing and not doing anything about it. Let's fight back!!! Let's win all together!!! Also, I received some funny messages 2 days ago, some treats. I ignored them because I think that it is very funny. Good luck, Lion's gate is opening tomorrow. I can't wait. You have no idea how are these celestial events affecting me. I am loving it! Let's win the world back! To prove you all I've been saying here is my first documentary movie based on the true story called simply Building A Dream. Enjoy!

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