Covid19 overview

Hi guys, just like I said to you in all the articles before, right now there are over 727 523 deaths right now and the worldwide cases are rising. Here is a great overview. If you go to my Instagram, or simply click on the news, you can see now that the countries that were using HCQ early to prevent the virus outbreak are in great numbers and have successfully managed to fight the virus off. On the other hand, countries that were not using the HCQ are unfortunately in the red numbers. So now the next question to ask is, how come all these health experts censor all the pieces of information leading to the cure? The best thing that I found out is the fact that Hydroxychloroquine can prevent getting cancer, covid19 as well as AIDS and HIV. That is a huge discovery after all, don't you think? How does it make you feel to see the statistics like these and being told what are you being told? Let's have a look at the following slideshow and then use the logic to make the final judgment.

These statistics are taken from this day. Now the reason why I point out at Russia as you can see on my Instagram feed also is the fact that everything mentioned above is true. So that has to bring you to the awareness that the mankind is truly divided, now think about all these 99% of sheep that watch mainstream media that are literally telling people that there is no cure and we are working on the vaccine. Russia is the first country on the planet to have the first vaccine that doesn't cause any harm to the organism and the bodies formed 100% immunity. For me, it is different because I am a firm believer that if you keep yourself fit and active, you're always going to be healthy. As you know now you have 3 brains, your brain, your heart and your gut. If you eat right, the rest will always function right and you won't have any problem with your health. Now, after we have seen all these graphs, this is exactly why I said that we have anything between 1 - 5 months to sort this whole situation out. What is also very interesting to see is right here guys, check this one out.

So the number 1 cause of deaths worldwide is cardiovascular diseases. There are 18 000 000 people dying on cardio-vascular diseases every single year. What happened to them? I mentioned how to prevent these deaths already, obviously, not everyone will exercise or eat clean so this is their choice, my point here is, what happened to all these deaths all of a sudden and why patients with Covid19 have priority over everyone else? Not only this lockdown damaged economy all over the world and plenty of people, but it would also be interesting to find out how many people died because of suicides and so on. Like Dr Fauci as well as Bill Gates are there to blame and I only wish that each one of you that comes down here agrees with execution. This is the saint war between forces of good and evil and you can see it through the symbolism. It is a war for your consciousness. Only 1% of the population is able to keep up while there rest 99% would rather die. It is their choice, here you can clearly see that 99% of people are brainwashed sheep and out of almost 8 000 000 000 that is a huge disappointment. What can you do? Leave them to their ignorance? I am afraid that the world needs to know the truth and 51% approval rate for president Donald Trump is absolute bullshit. Final question is, how come that Joe Biden with Dementia has got 49% approval rate from hiding and not doing anything? He truly can't form even complete sentence like if you're voting for him, perhaps you need brain surgery as well. I can't say how fed up I am with all the sheep on the whole globe as well as the mainstream media and mostly how fed up I am with all you action heroes. I'm training insanely hard and I will kick the shit out of you. You're all cowards. Fuck you. I'm not your friend and I will never be. Pussies. Go jab some more testosterone and don't forget to take millions of selfies from the mirror while 8 000 000 children are disappearing every single year worldwide without a single trace. Cowards. You watched all your friends being killed and you have done nothing about it. Nothing. You could spread the word about cure, you could stand up to it with me but you chose to be silent. All of you. Your days are counted. Fuck You!

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