Donald Trump!!!

It was Kylie's Jenner 23rd birthday yesterday so if you browse here as well, happy birthday one more time babe. Now you can clearly see why I am the way I am for my whole life. I am getting really fed up because president Donald Trump has been escorted by secret service yesterday following the incident with the shooter outside White House. Whoever from Starfleet is coming here as well, it is time we keep an eye on the White House as well as president Donald Trump and his family. Nothing can happen to him because if democrats and Joe Biden would steal the election, that would mean your "Seth" won the saint war and everyone would get not only control over USA but also pretty much you'd give all the control to the radical islamists. You guys don't see it that way but that has always been a plan and now take a closer look, I am going to unfollow all my favourite heroes because none of you helped me with it or president Trump. None of you. What's the point of being action hero on the big screen and get all these oscars when your country as well as president is under constant attack, you have millions and millions of followers and each one of you could spread the positive word but you have done absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing and you're called action heroes? What would you do if something would happen to your president and everything would be lost? What would you all do? Go back to your movies and increase the number of missing babies from 8 000 000 to 14 000 000 or what? If I would have 200 million followers on my Instagram it would be much easier for me to help president simply for the fact that everyone needs to see the hope as well as everyone needs to know that their lives don't have to be spent in slavery as they were up until now. Everyone deserves to know the truth about the Earth planet as well as every single corrupt politician that is on this planet and mostly, everyone should know the truth about the way the monetary systems work as well as what all has president Trump done. I'm quite curious to see how many of you will finally stand up for the right thing but as I see once and then, all you chat is bullshit. That is it. Bullshit. Donald Trump is the way forward and Donald Trump will be elected for another 4 years, this is simply not another 4 year election. Democrats aka demons need to lose their power otherwise you're all lost. You all. While I'm waiting for my Friday Night to go out I'm about to start working on my new book called "Lightborn" where am I going to describe everything as it was and as it is including the truth that will shock you. The world needs to know the truth.

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