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Beck Martin VIRAL!

Some time has passed since I wrote the last article and plenty things have also changed since then, so I would like to summarise for myself, as I actually don't think that many people would ever read my articles what actually have I been through in the past months - or past year. I'm thankful for the progress that I have made in my life because everything is actually looking more than great. I'm very happy. I have a meeting with music label - or the first true alternative to a major music label on 30.4.2021 and that day is about to change everything for me as I'm going to go to the press, radios for 6 weeks as well as I will with little bit of luck manage to bring my own Friday Night music video to the MTV's by myself, for myself. I have been looking for the companies about that are going to do it for me, so with that little bit of luck the MTV's will also accept it and everything is going to be great from there onwards. I mean, it is a huge step because it does also mean a huge payouts for me. Once the Spotify and Apple Music streams are going to go up, the rest is going to go up as well, including all of my earnings. That day I will celebrate a huge victory. Looking at it backwards, I have freed myself from let's say not so honest business partner who just wanted to throw his huge debt on me, which I did not allow to happen. This situation has changed everything for me and I have stepped forward the right direction and freed myself from a really bad consequences. Maybe it would be great to actually write this all down and let it all go public, or for those who read this because it is quite frankly very interesting story to tell as well. It just shows the way people truly are. So here is the outline of the 5 most important things that happened recently and I would love to let out of the system.

So talking about the business partner, or the person that is behind my photos and recorded a few videos, the great and the best advantage for me is the fact that he does not speak a word of English, meaning that he is actually quite dumb. That is probably the best thing, the fact that he is dumb. I know him for about 10 years, in those 10 years as I'd believe he is quite succesful, he managed to create a debt on his company that comes up to about £400 000. He wanted me to become the director of his business with the words that if I would be the director and share holder, my responsibilities would be similar as a cleaner. I still remember that until today, cleaner. Anyway, as the time went, it turned out that he wanted to throw this huge massive amount of debt on me, including the fact that this business hasn't been accounted for for 4 years since 2017, perhaps since his girlfriend left him when she saw that there is no way out of this or any way how could he fix that. Anyway, this would not be so much issue because when he got back from Czech Republic after I found out from solictiors and lawyers the potential consequences - he came back with the words that he does not want to cause any issues at home. Fair Enough, okay, so I was sort of okay with it all, but then so many weird things started to happen in our house, not mentioning that it was him who sent me to NHS, forced my own brother to do so and then eventually he even sent him the message that he does not want me in that house, so anyway lookoing and thinking about it all, he was right from the start nothing but a piece of shit. There is much more to the story however he was and is a thief and karma got him right on the spot because right now, quite frankly he is absolutely fucked and I mean fucked, there is nothing that he can do about his situation because he does not speak English and I quite frankly also believe that my brother just does not care about his problems and is quite happy to leave him to it, which let's be honest, is the best thing because as the time goes, it will only prove that I was right from the start. So, that is a no no from me, because also there has been a lot of damaged things in the house and I was losing it on him since then pretty much every single day until I have completely stopped talking to him and eventually packed my stuff and left, just like I planned to do so. So this way I lost a business partner, but at the end he was never a business partner on the first place. When I wanted to start with this photoshoots, he did not want to do anything because he was not sure about this and that like he said, but when I was going through the X Factor, I also did not know much about what to do or how to get about this or that. For 10 years also he did not spend a single day to learn English which means that he was never really interested in it on the first place. His behaviour and everything, I don't know how to say it, or describe it, but thinking and talking about it all, he was and is Judas. Someone who'd betray his best friend for a cheap dollar, something like that. Traitor. I'm thankful that I have espaced that and that is one huge part of my life done and dealt with. Not having to deal with him or his bullshit is such a freeing feeling that I can't even describe. Thanks God for that and looking at it forward, I have to figure out what am I going to do in the very close future about this all, the next step forward for me. Anyway, this was the best thing that I have done so far. Such a freeing feeling that I can't even describe. Now the karma is going to eat him alive every single day of his life. At the end, there isn't anything worse than know that you have lost your best friend, sort of a thing over this great attempt for an tax evasion and so on. Happy days for me, bad days for him. So for the future reference, always be smart and proactive and also always double check things because not everyone who is smiling at you is your friend, that is damn true. People are fake, two faced snakes. I got him right on the spot.

Now, the next great progress that I have made is also when it comes to my X factor performance and all the work that I have done. It is few days ago that I found out that this Ahmet Kader got paid for my performance and everything on the TV Show, meaning that he literally stole all of my earnings and royalties. Anyway they said that they will chase this and the money will get returned to me, which is also great, because after all, that is a huge and I mean huge income coming this way and I can't wait to have it all on my account. Getting paid all this money means that I'm then free to do whatever I want to do, which after all is quite a challenge once you free. I mean I wanted to be free for my entire life, but once you free, the most challenging task that I find is to find yourself something to do because otherwise it is pretty boring. The way I'm looking at it is that I can learn how to produce my own beats now as well as learn how to work with the Logic Pro X studio on MacBook Pro. Once I'm capable to produce my own beats and write my own lyrics and create my own music, especially with this partnership with that music label, I am going to be unstoppable force on the field of music - which will then eventually make me succeed as an author as well. These two check points sort of a thing were really freeing and motivated me and also pointed out that my future is going to be bright and my future is going to be great simply for the fact that yes, I am actually this capable. Talking about the X factor, after all I am the only contestant that still keeps going no matter what. The best thing is that it is actually also indeed me who is in the charge of what is going to be next, what is he going to do next. That also is the most freeing feeling on this world because when I think about it, I can work from anywhere around the world and I am not really dependant on the location at all. I can be anywhere that I want - which is after all the best thing that could ever happen to me. The ability to work from anywhere around the world is the best thing ever.

The third best thing in my life is also the fact that my court case is finally moving forward, I have got an email for medical mandate thing and all of that, which means that I am about to be compensated for what happened at work. This is going to be such a huge fortune that it is also going to set me up for forever free. Looking at it, I am few days away from this and I'm super excited to have this all done and where it is supposed to be. I am looking at making an investments in the companies that are still profiting as well as in producing more music and educating myself little bit more about what do I actually want to do next, but looking at it, singing lessons and all of that could also be another great step forward because once I master all of that, it would be the best possible work for me not just because I can cooperate with others but because I can also look after them and produce for them and that would eventually create something that we should all be looking at. I mean, uniting all the artists on the planet under one brand sort of a thing is and will be probably the best thing that will happen to me. This huge fortune from the court would slowly but surely start moving me there. Not talking about when the song is finally going to hit the radios and everything is going to go up. I am super excited about that, for sure. It is going to go from London all the way to the rest of the world, guaranteed. Then from there I'm going to become viral, which means once I'm viral, I see massive fortunes heading this way. I still think that my everyday focus should be mostly to work out and keep myself fit, make sure that I burn these calories every day and also further educating myself and staying informed and know about where to put my money to make more money. Personally I believe that the best thing is to buy all these gold coins rather than invest in these cryptocurrencies because I think that is going to go down at some point like it did recently. Well, I will be looking into this as we speak but for now the best thing is to invest in myself and what I want to do, music, royalties and so on is the best thing. Intellectual property as I see is going to stay here forever. Stocks can go up and down which means that fortune could be gone, but this way it is all great, this way I will only keep on profiting. Investing will be the next best thing to do. It is much better to invest in stocks than go and buy brand new car and so on. After a year watching these investments grow, these stocks could simply pay for any car that I could ever want as well as pay for any house or flat that I could ever want. Good thing is that I'm not greedy, I can live anywhere really, as long as I have it all done the way I want it to be and the way I like it. It is great to think that soon I'll also be able to buy my own apartment somewhere nice and grow from there. I am proud about myself and how well I have done. The best thing indeed is that I built everything from the scratch and it did not take me that long to get there. Others should learn from my example, on the other hand I do not think that they would want to learn from my example for a few simple facts that they are too lazy and they don't take action when they are supposed to.

Fourth great thing also is that YouTube has frozen payments from all the songs that are claimed by other companies which means that once all of these conflicts are cleared and there is just one owner, I am going to get it all paid and that is also going to be a fortune because it sits there from the year 2019, meaning that since I made so much that I could go buy used Lamborghini this year, this would be so much that I could buy it and still have plenty money left aside. Yes, I bloody did so well that I could buy used Lamborghini this year, just from the internet and revenue and so on. Anyway on the other hand the investments that I have made and the fact that I wanted to go on radio and to the press and make the world know about me, in other words go viral is the best thing that I could do because that would allow me to grow even further and then I could buy ten of these Lamborghinis. This also means that it is obvious that all the best women on the planet are and will be looking this way because quite frankly this makes every other man look little bit useless and unfortunately or fortunately that is also the truth. They are little bit useless when it comes to what have I done in such a short period of time. They can only learn from me and see how it is done. Now I am walking into the steps of all the wealthiest people on the planet, just waiting for the world to discover me and what have I actually done.

The fifth greatest point after this fourth point is that once this is all done, I'm free to create more content. The music label Mastermind that I work with like other 2 songs of mine, which means that I have got another 12 weeks on the radios guaranteed with Monday Morning and Bad Boy. This way I have the time up until the rest of the year to come up with another album and work on another projects. Another projects that I would love to work on is to turn my books into movies, like I have always wanted, also to sync my music for movies and games. This means that I got to get sync deal and then eventually just keep on going and keep on going. The lesson from all of this is, to mind my own business, do my own thing, know where am I heading and make smart decisions at the right time and I will indeed do great. Better than anyone else. Now I just have to rebuild my Instagram, meaning that I have another 3 days to put everything up in order, which I should, let's face it do now, before going Viral. I have to put the X factor pictures there and I should also put the pictures from USA in there and start growing the following a little bit more. That will be the Instagram that I am also going to use for the public. The best thing is, everything now is just a waiting game and I'm patiently waiting for all of this to come true. It is all coming to me, I'm happy, I'm grateful, I'm proud, I have done really well for myself and that is about it. The new chapter is opening up as we speak. A row from head to tow, part two baby. Let's go, let's do this.

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