Great success!!!

Thank You for clicking on my new article. Some time have passed, I fought really hard every single day not only for myself but also for all the others. Each day is a gift, most people waste it sleeping while they could be productive or be to a good use. To describe my progress within the world, all that I can say is that I have exceeded my own expectations and whoever is reading this right now, I'm the luckiest man on the planet. I have always been saying it but now I can confirm it 1000%. I write this for myself, mostly, just to monitor my progress as well as my plans. I am very happy with myself. It isn't narcistic disorder rather than motivation for you to keep on pushing. I keep on pushing every single day, trying to be as strong as I possibly can. I have demostrated that in last two months during the global pandemic where everyone is literally going mad over the virus that might come from the testing kits. So now I would think that if the media would stop causing the hoax they do as well as we would get to the bottom of it, everything on our Earth could be sorted by now. Like, not being funny, this is ongoing since March 11. On March 19 I shared the pictures with the cure for coronavirus, that was HCQ. on the 20th of March president Donald Trump shared it on his twitter. The cure has been blocked, surpressed and public deceived, told to isolate at home, keep 2 feet apart to stop spreading the virus and pretty much this whole hoax has been created to ruin reelection process of Donald Trump. You ask why would someone do it? The truth is, the world truly is really mean and nasty place and those who know about it very well don't want to admit it to the world and would do anything just so the public doesn't find out. When it comes to the drugs from tortured children called andrenochrome, it is all true. What we witnessed was the fight between evil and good. This time good wins and we will all be happy ever after. This also brings me to an awareness that as a man who literally started with only £1000 when I came over to the United Kingdom, I turned myself the richest artist on the planet. It is very simple, I am literally few clicks away from pushing my music video Friday Night to MTV as well as promoting my song all over the world. Time is just perfect to carry on and finish it because that is going to make me so rich that I am not going to know what to do with it. People have underestimated the power of the internet as well as the power of music. This is why I don't get why would people invest in the properties when they could simply become independent artists. Nowadays the Spotify as well as Vevo pays so much for people just listening to your music that in my opinioin that is the best thing to do. Obviously not every artist is lucky to gain huge exposure, but when you consider how many promotional companies are there, and I have used just one now, to my surprise my plays as well as listeners jumped up even more than after the X Factor audition aired on TV. Bare in mind that this is truly very easy mathematics, imagine that you own rights to everything, then make calculations about how much money radios as well as music TVS play for playing your music. It is intelectual property after all and I am so, so, so thankful that I decided to build this on my own, step by step and always knew my rights. Seeing my music video on VEVO, finally as well as seeing my X Factor past, it is true that I am the undefeated X Factor champion and I am proud about it. My legacy shall live forever. Right now I'm not that bothered about the views and plays rather than worried about the world and the outcome of November election, but from the other side after Donald Trump wins, that is when my music can get green light and go on air. This time and moment is very important for me because I know that you can pay for radio promotion and it will be plugged to 35 000 radio stations straight away, including radio adverts. The price for it is in my opinion very cheap as well as price for pushing your music video to MTV. In my opinion when I figured this all out, it actually is one of the easiest things to do, if you're studying it for quite some time like me. I'm excited for the launch and I can't patiently wait. On the other hand shall other radios decide to play it as they promised instead of keeping quiet about my success, it would make us friends. Right now I am looking more to the side where you pay for promotion, which means you built it yourself, therefore people who didn't want to give helping hand have no right to call themselves your friends. It is that simple. I simply don't care what other people think because during my X Factor audition, before Wembley, it was all laugh and jokes. Now it is me who is laughing and I am proud about it. I also released my short documentary movie called "Building A Dream" which I'm leaving on the YouTube for people to watch and see how can you turn your dreams into a reality, just like I did it. Now during the global pandemic that has caused so many businesses to close down, so many people to panic as well as killed now over 10 050 000 people worldwide, I'm still being pulled up by unseen forces. I am now living example of how do the unseen powers work in our world as well as my body is about to become the most expansive commodity on the planet. It sounds narcistic, I know, but here I would like to say that I am raw vegan, I drink hydrogen rich water, also in last 2 months I have cycled over 2000km, burnt over 82 000 callories, simply put, I am human machine and I am setting up the challenges for every other man on the planet. In my opinion, shredded, lean physique is the greatest sign of a man's commitment and dedication to his craft but also the greatest sign of self-respect and love to the temple that you're living in. I can tell you that getting six pack abs is one of the most intense and hardest things that you can do in your life and I'm not surprised that many girls love me for that. It isn't just about six pack abs obviously, but my personal opinion is that the man who can also look after his body apart from showing some brain power is the man. Everyone who is crazy enough can inject themselves with testosterone and then go nuts, but try to do it without any help, just because of your willpower, that deserves recognition and respect. In my opinion that is what makes the male body so valuable. When you add another gifts and talents, you simply have to love yourself as well as who you are. I would just say, if you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? Great success, thanks to everyone for your love. I am flattered, beyond belief! I'm excited for Friday Night radio edit as well as for the Friday Night MTV and also seeing my name all over the press again. I am super excited, the future is pink!!! Here is the documentary movie to watch and realise that everything is possible! Remember, man is the star bound to a body! You are product of your thoughts, decissions and attention!

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