The bottomless theory...

Today is 12/11/2020; my Instagram has been temporarily locked due to the pitching. That is going to be unlocked, but now from today, my other account is also being blocked for some reason, so I can't see the news feed. Anyway, that does not bother me as much because the girls have seen everything as I managed to record almost the whole of 2020 and everything that has been happening. So let's just write a little statement about what my secret service found out. So the Vatican is sacrificing little children to produce a drug called adrenochrome. Nobody cares really, and that's why President Donald Trump became a victim of voter fraud, which is what I have been saying right from the start. Anyway, it has been all proved to be true, so the only question now is, what is going to happen to them? Let's be honest, what society this is that release the virus in the air artificially, close down the businesses, and so on just to rig the US election, so the public doesn't find out the truth. The truth is simply that mainstream media are cult owned by six people hiding the secret government involved in these children's sacrifices and producing these drugs. 8 000 000 children are disappearing every single year, and nobody cares. All that we are interested is party, get drunk, and so on, and now when we are all on lockdown because of Monday Morning, people are wondering what is going on. They have called this curse upon themselves. Number one, they should not dig in the places that don't belong to them. Second, they should always and only speak the truth, which hasn't been spoken for 90 years. It takes one man to single-handedly take this whole corrupt temple at such a speed that you will never ever see again on the Earth planet. I did the best military operation in human history and saved the world from Satan. I defeated all the enemies and became the king of Earth. I put my life on the line for the truth and defend US President Donald Trump and the human race. Kylie Jenner, as well as every other celebrity, my witness. The evil plan, the fraud, didn't work out. Jesus is the king. Now, I command my ships to do whatever they want. Could you take it as a punishment? Next time speak the truth right from the start. Now deal with it. What's done is done. Passion. The bottomless theory, you hypocrites. Fuck you all!

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