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LIFTOFF to a spectacular DISPLAY!!!

Today indeed I have to say that my main account that I have hidden from everyone has been disabled. That account that enables me communication with everyone and everything straight away. The most incredible thing waiting to be known. I do firmly believe that it will be activated again however it was about a liftoff to a spectacular display. In other words I was correct about plenty things. Anyway that fact that I am correct about plenty things means that I have to now continue to build my music legacy first as everything can be secret for now I believe too. Now there has been a little void created so the people who seek what they seek will find it when they truly want it as it is indeed there. It is also quite funny that I have finished the Ferrari 488 Fista Journal. It would then be wise to also make data back up on the hard drive and store it all safely there. Now is the time to reap as I sow, in other words the chain reaction to follow is going to be magnificent. I am super excited to hear me on the radio and see me in the press again, the smart one, this time. I know that people will love me and what I did. I will put smiles and laugh on everyone's faces and that will be much appreciated from that day onwards. My entire image as an artist is about to be rebuild in the best possible way, for me. I love the shine, I am shinning from within indeed. Thanks God for this! Cheers towards the paradise baby, I love what I see! Today also reminds me that sort of a day when the hero has been born. Or a star has been born? Haha, anyway looking at it from the point of a little boy who dreamt about this, I am grounded and humble and just excited to see the fruits of my hard work. Everything after all got very simplified so my next point of interest should be to recover and get super fit again. "Chaos is coming!" just popped up, that's quite funny because for all of them, yes indeed it might be chaos coming.

The sour truth also is the self-isolation program that's on now where if you get close to someone who had been in contact with the virus you have to self isolate and our key people right now are on that program now. It simply means that it must be hard to do the daily work if you have to be where you at. But what if you can take that work anywhere you go because it goes with you regardless where you go? I mean what if that connection is not through the electronics but through the air or light? That blows everyone's mind because the truth is stranger than fiction. In this aspect I believe also that it is good to have the guidance daily as it allows to see things that are quite difficult to do. In this point of view it means that it is magic to hit the target that no one sees but you. Regardless the truth now, the fact is that the new variant is also spreading super fast and the travel might not be allowed soon again. It is still not possible to travel from US to UK and other way which also makes this situation little bit more complicated - on the other hand more time for me to get super fit again. The rest is after all a success and personal evolution takes time. So now I know also that the best thing and the way I see myself is indeed that guy from the modern skyscraper in London. I love it here and I am thankful to the God that I was granted settled status. Right now the entry has changed requiring us to have biometric residency cards, so I have to get one for the time when I would like to travel abroad. Also my nearest vision is that I will get permanent residency and passport. It has incredible value to me because it is also an incredible privilege, right at these times. I appreciate my privilege so much. It is after all something that I have been working on my entire life, so I know for the next life that it is all possible and the keys are all here.

I would expect the world come to a conclusion that a world leader is a great thing and honourable function that only one can do. Simply there is no replacement for this function as well as there is no such a mature person to be able to do something like this - this young. But you only realise when it is not there. That is also another thing that I believe in. The fact that right now it is not there when everyone is used to it, it closes down an entire galaxy, kind of. Entire galaxy full of knowledge and closes you down in some sort of a box, darkness. Imagine what would happen if they would listen to him. I am curious about how is this situation going to develop on the other hand for the fact that perhaps if you would try to put there anyone else right now, it would simply not work. I was the only and I am the only person to bring everyone together and make them see the bigger picture of what is happening right now in the times that we all live in. It is the most valued work on the planet Earth, after all. Part of a history now. I do believe that everyone now got the bigger picture and the message. Just imagine that, after all. The first on the line I believe, because I have learned that I can do it. One would not believe how many thoughts and possibilities and outcomes are now possible because of this. The best thing that have happened is that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II did Star Trek Royal Stamps where she was saying the first and said that he was golden. Then the next thing is that they put world war 2 hero who looks similar on the next £50 notes. Going to get that one in gold ingot as eternal memory because it is a thanks from the Banks and United Kingdom. It would also mean respect to me. For this reason it is more than important to learn from this all and bring it all together. The ability to reinvent yourself is something incredible because when it happens, and it works out exactly the way you wanted it, you then realise that you live in one wonderful world full of wonderful opportunities, possibilities but mostly you realise that indeed we all see that one direction and that is open up the space. This will take the remaining population plenty time to comprehend with it. I guess that because I'm still very, very young, it would be a long way. But the fact of being actual world leader acknowledged not just by leaders but also by the public, that is great achievement. Great achievement worth working for. But also it is good to have a holiday and just observe. Let the magic happen baby! It can only be great from there onwards, all the groundwork has been done already! It's a liftoff to a spectacular display!

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