What have they done to us?

Hey guys, I would love to share with you a few opinions. I am literally over the moon to see how many people are reading my articles, but anyway, it doesn't matter as long as there is some evidence. So it is 14.11.2020 today, magic. Instagram has blocked my second account from posting pictures, so I am just taking time off from it all. I'm not quite sure if they blocked it because I posted over 90 pictures in a day or because they are scared. I believe that they are scared to death because why else would they try to cover the truth? So let's rewind time back when Twitter's CEO deleted all the 7000 Q anon accounts? Then Facebook followed the same protocol and deleted all the Q anon accounts - people who were reporting all that is wrong with our world, stop torturing and sacrificing little children, you dirty pigs, I wish you nothing but to have your head chopped off for your disgusting crimes. Then also, Twitter and Facebook blocked the story about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and their secret ties with Ukraine. Let's be honest; it isn't about Ukraine's ties; it is more about that these famous women of the world had enough of what they have been through. Nobody will ever be able to feel it the way I do, because simply when you scroll down and come back up, you will realize what happened. I have nowhere to rush because it was the year 2019 MMXIX when I merged with an Android, Mandalorian, or any other name you can give it, which makes me the US Space Force general. People who follow me are the only ones to know; the rest of the world is living in the dark age where Biden is a president that released the virus in the air, closed down your businesses, and crashed the economy only so that they can cheat and steal the US election. The biggest disgrace on the planet. Then we're looking at every person on the planet reporting fake news; I'd chop your head off.

Here we see the main lie of the mainstream media. Have a look with me, so close to 53 500 000 Coronavirus cases are on the planet. Fact number one, we had treatment for it, HCQ, since the 20th of March when Mr. President Donald Trump shared it with the world. On the other hand, Dr. Fauci said that it is ineffective while the graphs have proven the opposite, which means that we are being lied to by mainstream media and the governments. They have no choice; let's be honest because this dirty scum is everywhere. Now, the situation is that the truth is being censored from the public while the mainstream media promote the deception. Total disgrace. Here on this graph, you see that almost 18 000 000 people die every year from cardiovascular diseases, but nobody bats an eye. Literally, then we have close to 9 000 000 deaths by cancer, and nobody bats an eye. We are hiding all the cures for Cancer, including HCQ, just so the public doesn't find out. This way, you can control the minds of the masses—this easy.

The last question to ask after seeing all of this is that we are listening to so-called experts and people who have no clue what is going with the world whatsoever that none of this nonsense is working. We are all going on a full lockdown when the virus cases are constantly spiking up; we have test kits that are testing positive and negative, sometimes people would receive already used testing kits; it is all in these testing kits. The virus is in testing kits. I spent three months cycling 42 miles a day; I cycled over 3 000 km, which is around 2600 miles; I would get from London to Moscow like that. I did not catch the virus. Then I want to go to the park, and the outdoor gym is closed to the public as well. So this is what they are, these evil entities doing to us, and the world leaders did not have much choice than to follow their silly guidelines and experts. Literally, Satan, evil, just like I knew in my story Red Evil. That makes it even more fascinating because I just confirmed to the world that all these psychic abilities are true. You are more powerful than you think. So what is going to happen with the world now? The dirtiest scandal on the planet is the way the democrat party cheated on Election Day, as well as how they tried to get rid of the best president in US history, Mr. Donald Trump. In my heart, I see him as a winner and someone who will get rid of them all, together with the US Military and little band of frogs. So I believe that I have already done the main work that I had to do, and now it is time to relax for me and observe the situation and keep recording everything every day. After all, that's all that I can do now. Just observe quietly and see. I'm glad that you see what they have done to us, and I hope that people will be more aware and awake next time. They have been lying to you for this whole time, and you allowed it. Everything in your life is a result of your past decisions. This means that if you ignored this topic until now, it is quite late to jump on the train—less drinking, more thinking. God bless you all. May the force be with you.

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