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Back in time - Czech Republic

Beck Martin - high school

My high school memories. 15-19 years old.

Beck Martin - challenge for Lucy

Fighting with best mate for girl, Lucy.

Beck Martin - my last match

The match I've lost long time ago...

Beck Martin - back to gym

After losing I started working out again.

Beck Martin - girlfriend

And then everything went all right! ...

Beck Martin - intro the beast

The guy I used to be. I knew what's coming next. Ha.

Beck Martin - 2008

Guy I used to be in 2008, promo video.

Beck Martin - alone with trance

My own trance track n.1 and remind of Lucie Vesela. My first big love.

Beck Martin - Black Devil

Promo to my fantasy series, Black Devil

Beck Martin - Get up

My first music video parody, Get up

Beck Martin - Slow and safely intro

Parody, Czech Language. Our attempt to make a funny movie...

Beck Martin - summer wrestling

Summer wrestling parody

Beck Martin - 2008

Grand theft auto parody

Beck Martin - With Lucy and Misa

Just to remember one day with Lucy and Misa

Beck Martin - Best conversation ever

Our best conversation ever. Hilarious. Czech language

Beck Martin - Savarin, cottage

One day on cottage with my mates from Savarin

Beck Martin - Black Devil intro 2

Black Devil series, intro 2, Czech Language

Beck Martin - show over

Time I decided I'll soon leave my country.

Beck Martin - For Zaneta

Remembers on my girlfriend, Zaneta

Beck Martin - Witch

In a house of grandmother parody

Beck Martin - Me and my Punto sport

Me and review on my Punto sporting, ha ha

Beck Martin - Black Devil Birth

Commercial on Black Devil Birth with Nosferatu shop

Beck Martin - Nosferatu shop

Walking through the nosferatu shop, amazing.

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